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Highland lodge

Are you dreaming of going to a place where you can cycle, hike, play golf or swim? Then you can stop searching and take a look below, you can find great Highland lodge offers in the Scotland region. Along with the rural coziness, this interior contains modern elements that allow you to achieve maximum, almost urban, comfort. The interior of the Highland lodge is really English. It is especially nice in the evening when you can see how cozy it is. The calm tones, the large classic sofa and a lot of wooden furniture create a rustic and a little retro mood. You can take a rest around the beautiful nature and also train your body.


A significant part of Scotland (67%) is involved by regular knolls and fields, where daffodils, lilies, primroses and numerous different wildflowers grow. Woodland is about 17% of the region. The verdure of Scotland is the same as the vegetation of Europe. Oaks, elms, beeches, pines, debris trees fill in the backwoods; there are numerous moorlands and peatlands in the rocky territory; in the mountains over the timberland limit there are high knolls. Even though the territory is huge and there are countless pristine spots, there are just two public parks in Scotland: Loch Lomond and Trossachs and Cairngorms.

The country is rich in natural sights: covered with lakes, forests, hills, with lower and darker skies, it is known for its harsh and picturesque nature. Loch Ness is famous all over the world: every year thousands of people come to its shores hoping to see Nessie's famous monster with their own eyes. And lovers of beautiful landscapes go to the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. This archipelago is famous for its stunning landscapes and traces of Celtic tribes.


The fauna, similar to the vegetation, in Scotland is like the fauna of most European nations (deer, backwoods feline, foxes, seals, squirrels, martens, rabbits). There are 62 types of warm blooded creatures in Scotland, of which 48 live ashore. A few animal groups are imperilled as their populaces are declining. Numerous types of creatures vanished, got terminated or were annihilated by people during the Middle Ages. These incorporate the earthy colored bear (caps for the British watchmen were produced using his skin), reindeer, elk, wild pony, beaver, wild pig, wolf, polecat. A few - like the reindeer - have re-gotten comfortable in Scotland. The main trained warm blooded creatures in Scotland are the Alpine Bull, Shetland Pony, Soay Sheep and Scotch Terrier.

Go on an adventure in the Highlands

Scots have a thing for activities in rather harsh conditions. When fishing, then many hours, in the wild places with a large number of mosquitoes. If mountaineering, then in Spartan conditions, in the inaccessible mountains. If you go to a bar, you drink a huge amount of whiskey. But tourists do not have to follow the Scottish concept of vacation. Traditional entertainment can be made less extreme and no less enjoyable.

The Scots have always been lovers of hunting and fishing. They are especially fond of fishing, since there are many rivers and lakes in the country where trout and salmon can be found. Unfortunately, the number of salmon in the waters of Scotland has decreased, so this fish is not allowed to be caught. But no rules apply to trout. Fishing in Scotland is one of the favorite pastimes among tourists who want to see the picturesque nature of the country and spend time in nature. If fishing does not appeal to you, but lakes and rivers are interesting, we can help you find the best offer for a Highland lodge. Better yet, swim along the seashores, plunging into dark fjords framed by high cliffs.

Mountaineering is well developed in Scotland thanks to its mountainous terrain. Local mountains are low - up to 3 thousand meters high, but rocky and picturesque. Climbing one of the peaks on your own in order to take in the harsh mountain landscapes of Scotland from a height is a great entertainment for lovers of outdoor activities.

The main sports activities in Scotland are golf, curling and rugby. The Scots are firmly convinced that it was they who invented golf. There are many excellent golf courses in Scotland with scenic courses set in beautiful natural surroundings. Curling has been played here since the 16th century, and every town has curling clubs with excellent equipment. And rugby is popular on the border with England. All of these activities you can enjoy with our Highland lodge offers.

The most uncomplicated entertainment of the Scots is going to the bar. Unlike English pubs, beer is rarely drunk here - real Scotch whiskey is used. Even if you are not a fan of alcoholic beverages, for the sake of interest it is worth stopping by one of the old bars in Edinburgh or Glasgow and tasting the "water of life", as the Scots call whiskey.

Rainy Schotland

Because of the way that Scotland is washed via oceans on three sides, the atmosphere here is calm maritime, with a significant level of humidity . Climate conditions are a lot colder than the remainder of the UK. The most extraordinary precipitation happens in summer and fall, with more precipitation in the northern and rocky areas than on the coast and southern districts. There are successive tempests brought about by southwesterly breezes. Because of the impact of the Gulf Stream, the climate conditions in Scotland are very mellow, yet inland and in the high countries the normal day by day temperatures are marginally lower. When all is said in done, the late spring in the nation is blustery and not exceptionally warm, winter in the south is wet and cool, and in the north it is frigid, with slight freezing temperatures.