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Glamping Limburg

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Glamping Limburg

Relax and enjoy your glamping accommodation in Limburg! Visit various places around and get ready to be exposed to the natural surroundings of the Netherlands. Not only does Limburg have its own regional language, but it is also characterised by the countryside alternating with the hilly landscape in the South. While staying in a holiday home in Limburg, it feels like you're abroad, especially since both Belgium and Germany border on Limburg.


Orchids are beloved plants that are notable for their often remarkable colors, distinct shapes, and delicious scents. Orchids feel right at home on the limestone of South Limburg. They really know how to flourish on the chalk slopes. The zinc violet is a jewel among plants and can be found in meadows along streams. It has a characteristic yellow color, with fine stripes in the center that radiate in all directions. Zinc violets, like zinc farmers and English grass, need zinc in the soil, but through an ingenious system, they ensure that their rhizome does not absorb too much of it. The zinc violet flowers from May to July, and sometimes as early as April. The steel elm or flapping elm is a tree that can reach a height of 30 meters. The crown has a beautiful, full shape. The leaves are roundish to obovate, ribbed with a double-sawn edge and a crooked base. Steel elm trees bloom early in the spring before leaves appear on the branches. The flowers are on stems and flutter in the wind. Elms like moist, nutrient-rich soil and can be found, for example, in-stream valleys, deciduous forests, hollow roads, and graves. They can withstand sun and light shade. Steel elm trees are often planted and are very rare as a native species. Ferns are the undergrowth of the forests. South Limburg hillside forests are rich in fern species. In places where it is slightly humid and where there is shade, there is a good chance that there are ferns. Ferns come in all shapes and sizes, from the small, delicate beech ferns to the large, sturdy eagle ferns, which can proliferate.


The red-backed shrike feels at home in small-scale landscapes, with many hedges, shrubs, and grasslands. It is important that there is enough barbed wire or hedges with thorns in the area because he uses them to prick on beetles. In addition to beetles and other insects, the menu also includes lizards and even small birds, which this bird of prey can track down from a high vantage point or pray in the sky. The Red-backed Shrike is a striking appearance with its hooked bill and 'Zorro Mask,' a band that extends from the beak over the eye to the neck. He also has a gray head, which turns into a brown back and a white-pink breast. The legs have a dark color. With only 200 breeding pairs, the red-backed shrike is a rare summer guest in the Netherlands. Anyone who has ever seen a blue, fluorescent flash pass over the water has seen a kingfisher in action. The kingfisher is a small bird with blue and orange feathers and a long, pointed beak. He likes flowing streams with clear, oxygenated water. Kingfishers hunt for fish from branches above the water. They dive like a spear at their prey, which they only kill and eat when they are back at their 'fixed' lookout.


As a nature lover you are in the right place in Limburg to relax, but also to go out and enjoy the surroundings around your holiday home in Limburg. In addition to the vast nature, Limburg is also brimming with cultural heritage and its history.

A visit to the marl caves

If you are in South Limburg, a visit to the marl caves in picturesque Valkenburg is a must. The Limburg marl is the name that the population has given to the limestone. What few people know is that as a result of the marl mining there is now an ancient system of corridors of no less than 250 kilometers! In the marl caves, there is a lot to do, from a mountain bike tour to visiting Europe's largest underground Christmas market.

Get out and about by bike

Limburg has a large network of cycling junctions which makes it almost impossible to get lost in an environment that is probably (still) unknown to you. For example, there is a Three Border Route and a Heider Route, and if you are there in the spring, the Asparagus Route is definitely a nice trip. This 47-kilometre route, which starts in Arcen, passes several places where asparagus grows and passes the most wonderful restaurants that have dishes with asparagus on their menus. The asparagus is also known as the 'white gold' of Limburg, but are only harvested 2 months in the spring, so be there on time!

Walkthrough the nature reserves

The various nature reserves in Limburg are definitely worth a visit. Limburg is bursting with walking routes and there is something for everyone. Would you rather walk through a quiet area or through the historic streets of Vaals? Whichever route you choose, you will always come across one of Limburg's gems. On many routes, you can't get enough of the surroundings. Let everything affect you for a while and enjoy the moment. Back in your cottage, it's time to take off your hiking boots and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.


Those who would like to go on a cheap glamping holiday can choose from different accommodation types. For example, yurts, safari tents, tiny houses, and teepees are seen as a form of glamping, but tree houses, houseboats, log cabins, and wagons are nowadays also classified as glamping accommodations. What all these rentals have in common is that on arrival everything is arranged and ready for you. The holiday can start right on arrival and that is - especially with kids - so nice. Old-fashioned camping with the luxury of today (you might even have a pool)... Have you already tried it?

Are you wondering where you will leave your dog during your vacation? You don’t need to worry about it. Click here and you will see the available glamping accommodation where you can go with your dog. Moreover, wherever the glamping tent is located, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained! Take a bike ride or go for a walk through nature. If you like bird watching, you can look for the most beautiful birds. If the house is located on a lake, river, or sea, you can go fishing! In addition, a visit to some historical cities, an amusement park, museum, or zoo are among the possibilities that you can do during your camping luxury holiday. Whatever your stay looks like, glamping is an attractive alternative to a traditional camping holiday. Have you already become acquainted with the charm of a glamping holiday or would you like to try it for the first time? Then book a private glamping rental in Limburg with! Whatever kind of nature house you choose, you will always spend your holiday in nature, in less crowded holiday parks, or in the woods.