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Cottages in Wales

Book a charming cottage in Wales and stay hidden in one of the most beautiful natural spots of the country. Prepare for a peaceful holiday surrounded by incredible views of bright green landscapes. Wake your adventurous spirit with gorge scrambling, or rest in one of the gorgeous sandy beaches.

The incredible nature of Wales

Wales is renowned for its outstanding beaches. With more than 2,000km of coastline this is not such a surprise. You can take the Wales Coast Path which follows the coastline of Wales for 1,400km. A walk through the footpath promises some amazing views and unique flora and fauna encounters because the way goes through a whole of 11 national nature reserves and more designated natural areas! Did you know that Wales harbours only three national parks? Even so, they cover one fifth of all land so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to admire unspoiled nature. The first area established as a National Park is Snowdonia. It’s a magical place where you can take a relaxing stroll through the green hills and come across gorgeous castles and ancient ruins. The rolling landscape is dotted with lakes, moorlands, and beautiful waterfalls. For the flora experts, there is one plant that is unique for the Park - the sweet Snowdon lily. The Gwyniad salmon is an example of the animals that can only be seen in the freshwaters of Snowdonia.

If you decide to follow the Wales Coast Path you can visit the Pembrokeshire Coast - the only coastal park in the UK. There you can admire views of the sandy beaches of Wales while hiking through the bright hills or by taking a fun boat trip. Hiking in Wales is also something you can practice in the Brecon Beacons National Park. It’s a place with fascinating natural beauties and some of the most impressive rock formations. The ridges, soaring peaks, and bright hills of the region are interspersed with waterways that create remarkable valleys and many waterfalls. In the mountains you can also find three amazing caves. The Cathedral Cave offers a unique experience for visitors. Your trip to the cave ends with a walk behind a 12m high underground waterfall - a truly wonderful way to finish your exploration. Are you curious to find out more about the wildlife in Wales? While living in a cottage surrounded by nature, you’ll have the unique flora and fauna on your doorstep. Some of the most extraordinary species of animals that you can encounter are the polecat, the holly blue butterfly and the ghost slug. Oftentimes in the remote areas you can come across red foxes, badgers, otters, stoats, squirrels, and many types of mouses. And for a truly exciting meeting with the wildlife, visit the Pembrokeshire Coast and face the majestic orcas. A beautiful creature that can take your breath away! Explore the charming coastal towns of Ceredigion and get an authentic stay in the calm rural Wales.

What to do when you’re staying in a cottage in Wales?

As a mountainous country, Wales offers great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and mountaineering. You can also just take a relaxing leisure stroll around the hills and enjoy the nature around your cottage in complete solitude. We also offer nature houses that are part of small-scale holiday parks - share your experience with fellow nature lovers! If you’re travelling with your family, take your bikes and explore as much as possible from Wales’ tapestry landscapes. Along the way you can stop for a rest and take a nice picnic by one of the bubbling rivers. It's even possible to take your dog with you! With our b&b homes you can also ask your landlord about the best hidden places in the region. And you'll get to meet and talk to the Welsh, who are famous for their kind nature and friendliness. And have you ever heard of gorge scrambling? Gorge scrambling, or as the Welsh like to call it - gorge walking, is one of the entertaining outdoor adventures that you can do in Wales. It involves various mountain activities like hiking, scrambling, climbing, and boulder hopping. The fun continues with some water adventures like jumping from waterfalls and raging in the thrashing streams on a raft! Gorge scrambling is a great way to have fun with the whole family and explore the beautiful mountains of Wales. Descend the rocks and gorge while keeping yourself excited with adventure and thrills! The National Park Snowdonia in the north-west of Wales is one of the best places for gorge scrambling. If you’re booking a cottage in the south, then you have the chance to experience the Brecon Beacons National Park and its remarkable green landscapes. Just like Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons Park is the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. Rock climbing, abseiling, fishing, cave exploration, cycling, mountain biking, or just a slow pace hike with the whole family. And if you want to get a real adrenaline rush, try out paragliding and get your heart racing to the max! The Park also has some of the clearest dark skies in all of the UK, making it an excellent destination for stargazers! If you're looking to book a romantic weekend away with your partner, that's a great place to go. Plan a nice dinner in the garden of your cottage and enjoy beautiful meteor showers and the sparkling Milky Way. What a better way to relax after an active day in the outdoors!

What’s the weather like in Wales?

There are many rains, fogs, and cloudy days in Wales throughout the year. Combined with the winds, this makes the unpredictable weather not that welcoming. That’s just inevitable. But the winter in Wales is usually mild with an average temperature of around 6°C. You can still spend your time outside doing gorge scrambling, when the wild rivers are more full and energetic than ever. And if you feel like making your stay adventurous camping experience, you can take a look at our glamping homes. You can book a yurt or tent even in the winter, and still have a heart-warming home to rest. The weather around the coast always feels milder than the hinterland. In the mountains and hilly regions you get cooler temperatures, but at least you can enjoy the heavy snowfall in the winter. If you’re booking a cottage in Wales for your Christmas holiday, you’ll be able to enjoy the splendid white views from your window. Are you still wondering what the best time is for your visit to Wales? The best weather conditions for outdoor adventures are between mid June and the end of August. More sunshine than any other time of the year, with the sun rising at 05.00am and a late night sunset at 10.00pm. The summer temperatures are around 21°C and higher. This is the summer in Wales - short, pleasant and never too hot. Are you ready for your nature holiday in Wales? Book your cottage right away, or take a look at our last minute offers for more inspiration. Enjoy and come back for more!

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