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Get the best out of your holiday in Sicily, the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, with our secluded cottages located in the heart of nature. Stay surrounded by splendid views, enjoy the peace and quietness, and soak up the sun in the pristine beaches of Sicily. Take this opportunity and rediscover the pleasures of life!

Sicily - an open-air museum of natural and cultural wonders

Sicily is the biggest island of Italy, but also in the Mediterranean Sea. Knowing this you can expect to find some of the most spectacular beach landscapes in the whole world. Imagine enjoying views of the sunset and the sea, the bright green colors of the forests, and the towering mountains of Sicily, all of this from the window of your cottage! Sicily is a historical region with an abundance of archaeological, architectural, and cultural heritage. Discover ancient temples, Medieval castles, Greek theaters, Roman-build ruins, and more. Visit the city of Enna in the heart of Sicily, a place that has earned the nickname “belvedere” - a panoramic viewpoint. In close proximity to it you can find Villa Romana del Casale, a large complex with well-preserved buildings that is considered to have been an imperial villa. Explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site and travel back in time. It’s like living in a fairytale! Sicily is a place where the arts and culture intertwine with incredible natural wonders, like volcanoes. You can climb Mount Etna through picturesque paths and itineraries and reach the top of one of the biggest active volcanoes on Earth. The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is another place where you can be amazed by volcanic craters. In these seven islands there are two active volcanoes and an abundance of sun-drenched beaches and coves. And for some of the most spectacular volcanic views, visit the Natural Park of the Alcantara Gorges. This naturalistic place fascinates locals and tourists with its deep canyons made of black lava walls that elevate for 50m high! Take a walk around the untouched landscapes of small lakes and waterfalls, and admire the unique rock formations created by the lava.

Sicily is a true spectacle of nature treasures, which are preserved in one National and five Regional Parks, seven Marine Protected Areas, and a total of 77 Nature Reserves! On foot, with a boat, by bike, or skies, the sweeping scenery is quite easy to explore. Towering mountains blanketed by dense forests, bright pastures and colorful orchards, and of course Sicily’s long craggy coastline and green-clad islands… Plan a cycling holiday in Sicily and get the most out of your wilderness experience! Thanks to the wonderful climate and the amazing variety of geographical features, Sicily is home to a diverse flora and fauna. All kinds of plants are found in the region, including oak and cork trees, agave, eucalyptus, ficus, cedar, and the beautiful dreamy palms. The famous Italian vineyards and olive groves are present in the landscapes of Sicily as well. Along the coast you’ll often find citrus orchards, but this may also be in the garden of your own home! As for the animal communities, wildlife species are not seen as often. Still, you can come across foxes, hares, and wild cats which usually live in the mountain areas. On the other hand, the fish and bird populations are quite rich. The marine species are luckily still intact despite the long history of fishing in the island. Go diving around the beaches and islands and see this for yourself! The seaside landscapes are a dream to be around. Turquoise seawater, fine-sand beaches, and dramatic mountains in the back. Licata, San Vito lo Capo, Cefalu, Sampieri, these are some of the most famous and beautiful beaches that you can visit. There are also many scattered outposts around the coast of Sicily, and with our cottages you’ll be located right in the middle of one. You can ask your landlord for advice on the best hidden beaches in the area, or just go for nature exploration and find them yourself. One of the best ways to do this is by bike. Healthy, fun, and sustainable, cycling in Sicily is just like a holiday with Nature.House. And the landscapes of the island promise a picturesque experience.

What to do when you’re staying in a cottage in Sicily?

When the landscapes are filled with unspoiled nature and the craziness of the busy cities is far away, you can feel light as a feather. You’ll finally get the relaxation you deserve! Meditate, do yoga, or just rest and soak up the sun without being bothered by other tourists. If you feel like going for adventures, there are many sports and outdoor activities that you can practice in Sicily. Trekking and hiking around the natural areas is a common activity for young and old. You can also take your bike or rent one for the duration of your holiday. Cycling in Sicily can get you to the most pristine places away from the crowds and civilization. Mountain biking, mountaineering, rock climbing Around the coastline you can spend your days lazing around the beaches. Swimming and snorkeling can be easily done, and so is diving. Find a guide and dive deep in the sea to discover shipwrecks, caves, or even underground walls like Punta Negra! The seabed is sometimes covered in seagrass, but there are also places with pinnacles. Whatever dive site you pick, you’ll get to see pictures that are worth a thousand words. In Sicily it’s also possible to dive in the winter, if you think that a water temperature of 15°C won’t scare you. But if swimming in cold water is not your favourite activity, there are other ways to spend an active holiday in winter. There are a whole of 21km slopes where you can have fun skiing or snowboarding. The highest ski resort (2,600m) is located in the southern part of Etna and is called Nicolosi. Before going for a skiing trip you should check the snow conditions in Sicily and Mount Etna in particular, as the eruption of the active volcano may interfere with your planning. Located in the countryside, you have many opportunities to visit the quaint little villages and get a real sense of the Italian pastoral charm. A cycling holiday in Sicily is a great way to get to different countryside places, each with its own allure. Learn about the long preserved traditions and meet the friendly locals! Don’t forget to try out the delicious Mediterratean cuisine in one of the restaurants. You can also book an agriturismo holiday in a farm and get to prepare local delicates yourself. Use the farm-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs from your garden, and cook organic meals for your family and friends!

Weather in Sicily

What is the best time of the year for your nature holiday in Sicily? Well, this highly depends on the activities you’re planning. Summers are dry, heated, and sunny, while the winter is usually mild and a bit rainy. Rains occur more often in the mountains, which allows the forests to thrive. In general, the weather is so gorgeous that water adventures are possible even in winter. That is, of course, advisable only for the real thrill seekers. For the best outdoor experience book your cottage for the spring or late summer (September and October). This way you can avoid the crowds that are common for the summer season, especially on the beaches. And the weather is great - not too heated, but still warm and sunny. April is probably the best month to explore the island and its nature. With an average temperature of 15°C and highs of around 20°C you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine all day long! And just imagine the landscapes of Sicily’s glorious nature going back to life. Soak in the lively atmosphere, enjoy the spring smells, and bring a new energy in your life. Your outdoor trop may be interfered with light rainfall, but don’t let this dissuade you from spending your time outside. Going out in the evening you might get a bit chilly, so get a sweatshirt or light jacket and you’ll be good to go. The summer months between July and August can get really hot with temperatures up to 40°C. Make sure you pick a beach with shady spots where you can cool off from the heat. You can also book a luxury Sicilian cottage with private pool and/or sauna, and get a relaxing experience by the water whatever the weather is. So now, are you ready for a soulful retreat in the nature of Sicily? You can start by booking your cottage, or take a look at different accommodation types like glamping, apartments, villas, and bungalows. Have fun, relax, and explore the nature around you!

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