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Le Marche doesn't really make it simple to decide where to go when it comes to culture, incredible food, and beautiful landscapes. It is a country with an enormous range of scenery and places to visit, from city hubs to medieval hill-top towns to coastal towns. If you are looking for an unspoiled part of Italy with little tourism but all the culture and charm of the more well-known regions, Le Marche is the place to go. And, if you are planning a longer stay, do not forget to click on the destinations tab to see the various alternatives for our well-equipped cottages in Le Marche.

Natural wonders in Le Marche

Many tourists come to Le Marche for its natural beauty, and the stunning central mountain territory. The Monti Sibillini, whose peaks are often covered in snow until late spring, provides some of the most majestic mountain scenery in the region. The Frasassi caves are among the most beautiful limestone caves you will ever see. The Furlo Gorge, a stunning natural tunnel through the mountains that has been in use since ancient times, is once again characterized by limestone.

The majority of Italy's Southern shore is firmly plain. A towering limestone mountain that plunges into the sea and guards a handful of beautiful tiny bathing resorts, Monte Conero, located south of Ancona, is a rare exception. The finest mountain views in the north of the province, just on the brink of Urbino, may be seen around the gigantic Monte Catria. The hilltop meadows are carpeted in alpine flowers in the spring, and you can enjoy the view from one of our holiday homes in Le Marche.

Be ready for a wonderful trip

The variety of activities to do in Le Marche is remarkable, and even if you are seeking a more laid-back itinerary, there are plenty of options. There are a lot of different activities available and stunning scenery along the route.

Because Le Marche is a coastline province with the Pacific Ocean on its eastern border, there are plenty of beaches for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. If you have ever visited Croatia, you would know that Adriatic beaches are identified by pebbles rather than sand, and Le Marche is no exception. As one of the few sandy beaches in the region, Senigallia is a popular beach resort. There are numerous hikes around the region, but Monti Sibillini National Park is the major hiking destination in Le Marche.

There are a number of bike and hiking routes to choose from, including a large circle that will take many days to complete. If you are planning a long trip, there are many lodging options along the way, and our cottages in Le Marche are the best to stay because most of them are close to your favorite vacation spot. Sunflowers bloom in the early summer, with the exact dates varying based on the year's atmospheric conditions. If you like flowers, especially sunflowers, you will find magnificent fields all across Le Marche.

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