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Brandenburg is a beautiful area in Germany, which consists of up to 3,000 lakes. The area is excellent for boating. When you book a bungalow in Brandenburg, you will have the time of your life. You can meet cranes and storks during your cruise on the various lakes. The versatility of Brandenburg makes it an attractive holiday area for young and old. You can have an active vacation, but also a relaxing holiday. The bungalows in Brandenburg have an important contribution to make. They are not only luxuriously and comfortably furnished, they also function as a place to relax. And that's exactly what you need on vacation. So let yourself be inspired by the accommodation of Nature House and book a beautiful bungalow in Brandenburg.

Brandenburg nature

The landscape of modern Brandenburg is largely a product of glaciation. Most of the country consists of a sandy plain, which is dotted with many fertile areas and areas of pine and spruce forests. Due to its sandy soils, it was formerly known as the "sandstone of the Holy Roman Empire''. However, the tributaries of the Elbe and the Oder flow through it. rivers and more than 3,000 lakes. About half of the country's territory is used for agriculture, and about a third of the region is afforested. The Lower Oder Valley National Park, established in 1995 in the northeastern part of Brandenburg, is part of a joint Polish-German effort to preserve the region's distinctive flora and fauna. Ironically, the region's ecology has benefited from decades of relative economic neglect in the area. The country is located entirely in the Northern European Plain and has a temperate climate, defined both by the maritime influences that predominate in the western regions and by the continental influences that affect the east.

In general, the journey through the land of Brandenburg is a "natural journey". Surprisingly, pristine landscapes are preserved near such a metropolis as Berlin. There are 11 nature reserves throughout Brandenburg, 3 biosphere reserves under the auspices of UNESCO and the Flooded Meadows in the Lower Oder National Park. In short, all trails are open to tourists - cycling on special routes throughout the region, boating on the numerous canals of local rivers and other bodies of water that amaze the eye with crystal clear water, a picnic on the beach or hiking in the surrounding pine forests.

Lubbenau and Spreewald - forest Venice in Brandenburg

In Germany, there is an officially recognized national minority - the Sorbs or the Lusatian Serbs. In total, there are about 60 thousand people who live in the southeast of Brandenburg and in Saxony, who have preserved their Lower Sorbian language, somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of Polish, Serbian and Czech. Lubbenau is a small town in the cultural autonomy of the Sorbs on the edge of the Spreewald nature reserve.

In the Spreewald, the Spree forks into many channels and forms a vast swampy area. Today it is a nature reserve, home to hundreds of protected species of insects, amphibians and birds, and is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The total length of the canals is about 970 kilometers, so rowing fans will have a place to try their hand. But beginners can easily cope with a small canoe, especially since the boat station always offers paddles for beginners.

The museum island Lehde is located a few kilometers from Lubbenau. Here ordinary people live in traditional Sorbian houses; the island is called a museum because of the preserved cultural landscape. Only one main street leads to the island along the ground, everything else is canals, many houses are on small islands, so even mail is delivered here by water on special flat-bottomed boats.

"Tropical Island" in Germany - the largest water park on the planet

The "Das Tropical Islands Resort" in Brandenburg, northeastern Germany, is considered the largest indoor water park in the world. A man-made natural area has been created in the building of a former military base; The hangar, formerly used for airship parking, has now become a modern center for water sports and entertainment. Inside the boat, on an area equal to eight football fields, there is a real tropical resort with palm trees, vineyards, swimming pools and thatched huts. The pavilion is 360 meters long and 210 meters wide. Throughout the year, the water park maintains a constant temperature not lower than +25°C, and the water temperature - +28°C.

The territory of the complex is divided into thematic zones. In the "Flower World" there are real tropical thickets, where palm trees, orchids and mangrove forests grow. In the "Tropical Village" there are corners of the Congo, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali and the Amazon, where you can try the national cuisine and learn more about the traditions of the region. The pools of the water park - "South Sea" and "Laguna Bali", as well as waterfalls, jacuzzi, sandy beach with volleyball courts and the largest water attraction in Germany with a height of 25 meters look like real hot resorts, located not on the shore but in the very center of Europe.

Aqua aerobics and Brazilian dance classes, massage lessons, including Thai, are held daily in the pools and other areas of the water park. Themed shows are held every two hours, and in the evening there is a big water show, the program of which changes every three months. Children can take part in tropical safaris and various competitions held by the animators.

Climate and weather in Brandenburg

As in other parts of the country, Brandenburg has a temperate climate with warm summers and relatively warm winters. According to the German Meteorological Service(DWD), in 2020 the average annual temperature in Brandenburg was 10.9 degrees Celsius, with an average temperature of 4.7°C in winter and 19.2°C in summer. Precipitation in 2020 was 511l/m2 and the sun was shining for 1,920 hours in Brandenburg this year.

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