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Tiny house Switzerland

Are you looking for the ultimate retreat high in the mountains? Try our tiny houses in Switzerland. Away from the fast-paced city life, near a mountain lake with a view over the mighty Alps. Snow, beautiful sceneries, diversity of wildlife, multiple adrenaline packed adventures and yes - authentic Swiss cheese.

Engulf in the amazing nature at our cabins in the middle of nowhere. Far away from all your worries and enjoy yourself in the private pool right at your doorstep, looking over the snow-covered spruce tree forests. Put the coziest socks you have and watch through your window the astonishing Swiss nature assemble itself like a real-life painting. Most of the houses that Nature.house can offer you are pet accessible, for you and your other half. Kids will also enjoy this once in a lifetime view of a different world than what they are used to. Except the usual hike or ski, you can engage in paragliding, ice climbing or fishing on a remote icy lake.

Switzerland's magnificent nature will leave you breathless

Switzerland is the right place for nature lovers. It's located in the middle of Europe. Bordering it is many different from each other countries like Italy, France, Austria and Germany. Although most of the Swiss territory is covered with mountainous terrain it has its share of beautiful less craggy landscapes in the north. With some peaks reaching more than 3500 meters you have a great opportunity to conquer some of them. On the way up you will find multiple mountain lakes.

The land seems frozen and deserted at first, but if looked closely you might spot hares, snow foxes, deer, badgers, squirrels, and a huge diversity of bird species. Did you know that the round ibex that roamed the Bernina region of Graubünden had died out, but in the past several years it has been reintroduced and now thrives again there? Just make sure to keep your fishing catch closed in a basket, because brown bears and golden eagles patrol the shores of the lakes. Imagine waking up to the view of Matterhorn piercing the skies. Did you know it’s one of the highest mountains in the Alps with a height of almost 4,500 meters?

Or take a hike around lake Oeschinensee’s crystal clear waters. Many tourists get lost where it is up and down just looking at the magnificent reflections of the blue sky and mountains around it. And at night if you listen carefully you can hear the Aletsch Glacier slowly making its way through the scenery since the last ice age till now. Glaciers like that one created the 3 kilometers deep Lauterbrunnen Valley and its distinctive U-shape, as well as more than 70 waterfalls spreading in the area. But there is one that stands out from the others with its 300 meters Staubbach Falls are the highest free-falling waterfalls in Europe. One of the most striking areas of the Swiss Alps is the Jungfraujoch, which is accessible via railway. You can take a hike to the chilly cave of the Fairies’ Grotto in St. Maurice. It has a lake and a huge 50-meter waterfall inside, which was created by the hand of erosion for thousands of years.

What to do when you're staying in the middle of nature?

One of the best advantages of staying in a tiny house in Switzerland is that you can wake up early and enjoy the spectacular sunrise high in the hills. Then maybe a little workout or yoga in the fresh air. Or stroll down to the nearest village and embrace the rich and interesting culture of the natives. They are famous for their good taste in wine and cheese. If you want to explore as much as possible you can add a furry companion to your party – a Llama. Yes, you can go on a Llama hiking tour where you use them as a mobile storage unit for a day or two. Take a shot for half a day of the many thermal baths and spa all over Switzerland.

Or book a luxury tiny house with its own sauna! For the thrill seekers there is the possibility of a three-hour rafting along the river Aare. Don’t take off that beach wear, because in summer you can visit the Snow park Zermatt for some summer skiing. Only in the Swiss Alps you have the opportunity to climb the Toblerone chocolate mountain logo – the Matterhorn. Visiting the old town of Bern is a must, as well as taking the Bernina Express Through the Alps. Or just enjoy a sunny day on a boat on Lake Geneva or Lake Lucerne.

Don't be afraid of the cold winter and spend your days in the snow!

In summer, spring, autumn and winter, there is a lot of adventure to be had in the Alps. Usually the climate is moderately continental, but becomes Alpine in the mountains. The winters are cold and dark with freezing temperatures and 1-3 hours sunshine in the plateau. The summer days are warm with a maximum of around 25 °C and cold nights. Switzerland has two very different halves in terms of weather and temperature – The North and the South side. They have milder climates in the south but with heavy rainfall in autumn and the occasional thunderstorm in summer.

The northern side is exposed to the colder currents of northern Europe and that is the reason for frosts and late snowfall. Coming from the Atlantic, windstorms can also be present in Switzerland. Good thing that our tiny houses are equipped with enough firewood and warm, soft blankets inside. The weather in the mountains varies from snowing in June to temperatures rising to 7 °C in the winter period. Because of its high the mountainous region is blessed with more sunshine throughout the year. To sum things up the best months in summer are from May to September. And for ski and winter-lovers are February-March, since the days are longer than December and January.