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Do you want to take a rest in a nice and friendly holiday park in Germany? Take a look at our offers and you will have the dream holiday with your family or with your soul mate. Prepare your luggage and go to the most adventurous holiday.

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Holiday park Germany

Do you want to take a rest in a nice and friendly holiday park in Germany? Take a look at our offers and you will have the dream holiday with your family or with your soul mate. Prepare your luggage and go to the most adventurous holiday.

Nature in Germany

Nature is mainly dominated by deciduous and coniferous forests. Currently, 29.5% of the land is covered with forests. Therefore, the landscape is very green in Germany and the air is better than in the arid regions of Europe. But there is also more health and greenery. In agriculture, crops such as cereals, potatoes and corn are grown. Wine production is widespread in the river valleys of the Moselle, Ah and Rhine. One should not eat unknown plants in nature because they can be toxic. They are found almost everywhere and even if their fruits look harmless and edible, they can lead to health problems after consumption. It is also not recommended to eat undigested berries or mushrooms from the forest, as they could be infected by the fox. This disease is life-threatening.

Combining the many forests in Germany, there are mainly forest animals such as deer, foxes and wild boars. Wolves and moose are very rare. Forest animals should not be touched because they can transmit diseases such as tapeworm or rabies. In Germany, there are no animals with deadly venom for humans, although some species such as spiders and snakes are venomous. Patients suffering from allergies should take special care in the summer of bees, wasps and hornets, because their venom can cause allergies. Many different species of birds live in cities, such as hair, sparrows and tits, but also doves and pigeons. In almost every city in Germany there is a zoo or wildlife park where you can watch animals from the region or around the world. In particular, many people keep pets such as cats, dogs and small animals. These include, for example, hamsters and fish. For many people, pets are friendly and in no way edible.


For lovers of outdoor activities and nightlife, Germany offers unlimited possibilities. It is noteworthy that this country is one of the safest in the world, which makes travel even more attractive. The main area of ​​active tourism is cycling and hiking. The country has more than 200 routes for cyclists of various difficulty levels. By bike, you can make a circle around Berlin, visit the lakes of Bavaria, the Weser and Werra valleys, the forests of Thuringia, the wine-growing regions of Franconia, the Rhine valley, the Romantic road, the castle road. During the trip, you can enjoy magnificent views and visit a variety of historical and architectural monuments.

Hiking trips are no less popular in Germany. There are more than 150 parks and reserves in the country, tourists can choose any of the huge number of hiking trails and go on a journey through the picturesque landscape. Experienced travelers go to the mountains, to the Alps. No less exciting will be a hike through the Turin forest, Franconia, the Black Forest, which has mountainous terrain. When traveling, it is very important to follow all the rules of staying in nature, the Germans will not tolerate even unintentional damage to the landscape. The routes are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable movement: parking lots, medical assistance points, food.

Do not forget about extreme water sports. Germany has a large number of lakes and rivers, kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, and swimming are popular here. Calm, safe rafting takes place in the Spreewald area in Brandenburg, more extreme - along the Alpine streams in Bavaria. Among winter sports in the country, biathlon, skiing, bobsleigh, and snowboarding are popular. Winter recreation centers are located in the Northern Limestone Alps, the Bavarian Forest, the Harz and the Fichtel mountains. The infrastructure for winter sports in the country is very developed, each traveler will be able to choose a route or track for in accordance with his physical fitness.

Fans of a vibrant nightlife should go to large cities - Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne. These cities are teeming with nightclubs, despite their mentality and emotional stinginess, locals, especially young people, love and know how to have fun. One of the most famous places in the capital is the Weekend club located on the roof. The most fashionable DJs and modern stars perform here. Another popular place in Berlin, Tresor, is the center of the techno movement. In Munich, you should definitely visit the elite nightclub P1, where famous football players, top models, and actors gather.


Germany belongs to the zone of moderate continental climate. Winters are not very cold - the average January temperature is about +1°C, and the average minimum temperature is -3°C. Of course, there are years when Arctic air enters the country for a long time in the rear of the cyclones. In this case, the temperature can drop to -10°C and even -15°C. The northern regions, influenced by the warm "breath" of the Atlantic, are characterized by higher winter temperatures.

In the east, as the degree of continentality of the climate increases, winter temperatures often drop below 20°C. The warmest summer months are July and August with average temperatures of +18°C up to 20°C, maximum temperatures are observed in the eastern regions and reach +30°C. Spring is characterized by the so-called "return of cold weather", when after warm spring days there is a sharp drop in temperature. Germany is often visited by cyclones, so there is a lot of precipitation throughout the year, but still their maximum is in the summer. In the mountains, the temperature is several degrees lower, and more precipitation falls than in the rest of the territory.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the resorts is July and August. Although rain is not excluded during these months, it is the warmest time of the year. For skiing, the most suitable period is from January to March