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Find a suitable holiday home in Lisbon here. The holiday homes in Lisbon offer you the opportunity to both explore the culture of the capital and experience nature. Nature lovers can indulge themselves here with the green plateaus and hills and the beautiful coastline. By the way, don't forget to also drink a traditional Portuguese wine! Here we briefly explain the largest nature reserves in the region.

Of course not all nature reserves are described here, but we want to give you an impression of what you can expect from your visit to the region. You have come to the right place for a natural Lisbon holiday home.

Natural park da Arrábida

This nature park is located just below the city of Lisbon and the landscape consists of green hills. With coastal beaches on the border of the park. An interesting place for sighting of coastal birds. Here you will find seabirds that you will hardly ever find on the Dutch coast. Consider, for example, the Adouins gull. Looking for seabirds on the coast near Lisbon? Or just take a nice walk on the beautiful beaches? We recommend a Lisbon holiday home in a beautiful natural environment.

Estremadura nature park

This unique nature area consists of high plains and vast areas with olive trees. A unique habitat for birds such as the Hop. With his stuffed crest, he flies through the olive groves in search of large insects. The area borders the Spanish Extremadura and it should be possible to observe the Spanish Imperial Eagle here! One of our holiday homes Lisbon is a suitable base for this unique nature reserve.

The Tejo Estuary

This swampy area is a magnet for millions of migratory birds and a totally different habitat type than all others in the region. Vast swamps for as far as you can see. A holiday home near Montijo is a suitable place to explore this area.

Of course there is a lot more to experience in nature than we just described above. We ask you to share your knowledge with us. We are happy to present a piece here about a somewhat smaller nature reserve that is perhaps less known. Our goal is to map all nature in Portugal. We also want to offer holiday homes Portugal that are located in these beautiful nature reserves. If you are not particularly charmed by our Lisbon holiday homes, then we would like to point out the other nature-rich regions that Portugal has to offer.