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Spellbinding beaches, rocky coasts, scenic lakes and waterfalls, and the largest protected area in Italy… Book a holiday Calabria and discover all of these landscapes at the corner of your cottage. Having all of these and more awe-inspiring natural features, you might be surprised that Calabria is actually one of the least visited regions in Italy. You can be sure to spend a holiday unbothered by the noisy crowds and mass tourism, in the atmosphere of natural beauties and unmissable attractions.

Calabria - a dream to be around

Located at the toe of the boot, Calabria has the Ionian Sea bordering the eastern and southern coasts, and the Tyrrhenian Sea decorating the western with rocky cliffs and hills. This makes up for almost 800km of coastal land with a variety of wonderful beaches. In the province of Vibo Valentia you can visit Capo Vaticano, recognized as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the whole world. The beach is a long stretch of sand, small rocks are scattered around the turquoise crystal clear waters, and this beautiful natural scene is surrounded by old-grown trees and jagged hills. In the busy months of July and August you can expect to find the beach crowded with tourists, so you might wanna visit some of the less-known beaches. And you’re lucky that Calabria has a profusion of those. In close proximity to Crotone you can find the Capo Colonna beach with its unique red sand. There is one last column that is the remains of an ancient Greek temple, and it gives the name of the beach. Hidden from the crowds are also Palizzi Marina and Roccella Jonica, located on the Coast of the Jasmines. With its untouched beaches and pristine nature, this is one of the best areas for your wilderness experience in Calabria. For more off-the-beaten path places immerse in the hinterland of the region, where the three most famous nature areas are located. These are the Aspromonte, Sila, Serre, and Pollino National and Regional Parks. Let’s see what kind of activities you can enjoy in each of the Parks.

Sports and recreation in the nature of Calabria

Rent a Calabrian cottage, gite, or even agriturismo, and rest in the heart of nature. Get wild with sports and adventures, explore outrageous landscapes and come to peace with the natural environment. For adrenaline-fueled activities the place to go is Aspromonte National Park. There’s many opportunities to have fun and test your wilderness skills. Examples are rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and canyoning. You can also take a strenuous hike and discover intact nature with almost no contact with the human world. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to interact with the unspoiled nature of Pollino National Park as well. The Pollino massif is ideal for trekking, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, scrambling and canyoning - some of the popular activities in the park. Another fun adventure is white-water rafting in the foaming rivers that run through the Apennines. The Sila National Park is home to vast woodlands of larch pine, white fir, and beech woods. These forests have many wildlife residents like the wolves, roe deer, wild boards, squirrels and wild cats. It’s also a great place for photography and bird watching. Canoeing, kayaking and winter sports are possible as well. Another place where the wild nature of Calabria is presented is the Regional Natural Park of Serre. Take a leisure stroll in the woods and discover splendid gorges, bubbling streams, and sparkling waterfalls. On the way you can stop for a fun picnic in the wild, and play fun games with your friends and family. You can even rent a camping or glamping home like a luxury bungalow. We offer a variety of accommodation types that can suit your needs of a holiday home in Calabria. Going back to the Serre Park is also famous for its rich and ancient plant species like alter, chestnut, beech, larch, and poplar. If you love walking through off-the-beaten naturalistic paths, that’s the place to go. In all of those places you can practice mountain biking, if you want to get your adrenaline pumping. So now, waste no more time and book your wilderness cottage in Calabria for the best natural experience. Enjoy and come back for more!

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