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Bulgaria is a Balkan country with fun people, amazing nightlife, low prices, and many traditions and festivals throughout the year. But what else is luring tourists to the country? Bulgaria is a proud home to diverse natural beauties - from high mountains, caves, dense forests, lush plateaus and green meadows, to some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Europe! Find out more about the country, or go ahead and book your solitary cottage to enjoy the amazing nature on your doorstep!

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Bulgaria is a Balkan country with fun people, amazing nightlife, low prices, and many traditions and festivals throughout the year. But what else is luring tourists to the country? Bulgaria is a proud home to diverse natural beauties - from high mountains, caves, dense forests, lush plateaus and green meadows, to some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Europe! Find out more about the country, or go ahead and book your solitary cottage to enjoy the amazing nature on your doorstep!

Bulgaria as a tourist destination

A country with old traditions, rich culture, warm people, and stunning nature. This is what awaits you in Bulgaria. There are 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most famous of which is the Rila Monastery in Rila Mountains. The monastery is located in Rila Monastery Nature Park, on 1,147m above sea level. It’s just an hour and a half drive from the capital Sofia, and it’s definitely worth your visit. The monastery was built in the 10th century, and is now a symbol of the cultural identity of Bulgaria after the centuries of occupation. The country has kept its rich folklore and distinctive rituals like ‘nestinarstvo’ (barefoot dancing on live embers) and ‘kukeri’ (a ritual where men dress with heavy costumes and masks that are intended to scare the evil spirits). Check more to find out when and where you can witness these old traditions that are still performed to these days. For more cultural experiences you can visit the ancient towns and cities like Plovdiv, and observe the traditional architecture of Bulgaria. Another reason that many people choose Bulgaria for their holidays are the amazing nightlife and low prices. There's plenty of clubs and bars that are open every day of the week and promise a crazy night of dancing and having fun until the morning! And of course, there's also nature - the thing that is mostly appreciated by all!

What to do when staying in a Bulgarian cottage in nature?

One great thing about Bulgaria is that you can combine mountain activities with adventures in water. This is possible in the South Coast, where Strandzha massifs occupy a large area with more than 120 habitat types. In the Strandzha Nature Park there are 50% of Bulgaria’s flora - with oak and beech forests covering 80% of the park’s land. You can spend an active morning of hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, and then end the day with a trip to the beach to enjoy the sun and water. If you’re planning a beach holiday, there are many resorts with crowded beaches, but you can also find a lonely beach with clear waters. Swim, snorkel, go diving, or even sailing! You can visit the Ancient City of Nessebar, a UNESCO site with amazing architecture and remarkable views of the sea. It’s situated in close proximity to Burgas, the second largest city on the coast after Varna

Cycling and hiking is a great way to explore the nature and small picturesque villages of Bulgaria. There’s an abundance of awe-inspiring natural features waiting to be discovered. Climb the highest peak in Bulgaria - Musala (2.925m), standing on the top of Rila Mountain. If you’ve chosen Rila for your mountain holiday, don’t forget to visit the Seven Rila Lakes. It’s a group of glacial lakes elevated more than 2.000m above sea level. Each lake has a specific name according to its most distinctive feature. For example,  The Tear (Salzata) has clear water allowing people to see to its deepest parts, and The Eye (Okoto) has a perfectly oval shape. But there’s more to Bulgaria than mountains and beaches. The actual number of caves is still unknown, but currently there are 4.500 discovered caves in Bulgaria, and 60 of them are open for visitors. The country is also a gold mine for mineral springs with over 700 across the country. Visit the spa center of Bulgaria - Velingrad, for a relaxing experience in the outdoor thermal baths and pools. The legend says that these healing waters are the source of the immense strength of Spartacus - the gladiator who led the slave uprising in Ancient Rome.

What’s the weather like in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria offers the perfect weather for summer holidays at the beach, and winter vacations of skiing. The coastal region offers milder weather, while the highlands and mountains are generally a few degrees colder. The country is blessed to have all of the four seasons, and they are all very well distinguished by their extremes. Let’s get more into details to find out which seasons would best suit your dream holiday in Bulgaria!

A spring just like in the fairytales

The spring starts in March, when all nature comes back to life and the wind brings a nice smell of the blossoms. Occasionally it can happen that in March and April it is snowing! But in general, if you decide to spend your Easter holiday in Bulgaria, you’ll be able to enjoy views of the green forests with blossoming trees. The whole land is covered in lush meadows that create a fiery palette of colorful flowers. The average temperature is between 18°C and 20°C, with pleasant winds that can refresh the more heated afternoons, and sunny days to compensate for the colder times. Surprisingly or not, the spring months of March, April and June are not that rainy, but it can happen that your walk in nature is disturbed by a drizzle, often even a massive, but quick afternoon thunderstorm. Don’t let this dissuade you from going outside though. This rain is what makes the spring season in Bulgaria so charming!

The hot long summer days

In late spring you can already go to the beach for sunbathing, and if you’re lucky the water in lakes, rivers, and the sea will be warm enough for swimming! Are you looking to book a cottage in Bulgaria for your summer vacation? Then prepare for very hot weather with temperatures rising to over 35°C! The heat in the lowlands is very intense, so you might want to spend your days in shady places like the forest. As for the coast, the nice sea breeze can help you survive the hot weather. Of course, the perfect way to deal with the heat is to cool off in the water. The water in the Black Sea gets to a favorable temperature for swimming by the beginning of June, but in July, August, and especially September, it can get up to 25°C and more! This is why September is one of the best seasons to book your summer holiday in Bulgaria - you can share the beach with considerably less people, the water gets cleaner, and its temperature of the sea feels way warmer than in July and August. 

A beautiful transition to winter

The autumn season comes in September and stays until November. The weather during these three months slowly transitions to enter the cold Bulgarian winter. September is still warm enough for beach holidays. The temperatures can still reach 25°C in the days, but fall to 0°C and less in the night. This warm weather is what the Bulgarian call “gypsy summer”. In October, however, this drastically changes. The average temperatures drop to 13°C, but you can still see clear skies and sunny days that you can spend outside. Before it gets too windy, cold, and rainy in November, you can still go climbing, mountain biking, and hiking in the mountains of Bulgaria to discover the amazing views from the peaks. The mountain ranges that offer the best seasonal views are the Rhodope Mountains and Stara Planina Mountain. Enjoy the forest nuances of the yellow, orange, and red leaves falling from the trees. In the Pirin and Rila Mountains you can marvel at the soaring peaks and massive cliffs, but these ranges are predominantly rocky with less vegetation to set the usual autumn landscapes. Still, you can visit them in the winter for a world-class skiing experience.

The beautiful cold winter in Bulgaria

There is no doubt that the winter months are cold. The winds and cloudy weather makes you freeze sometimes. And the temperatures are mostly negative throughout the winter, in every part of the country. Still, the winter is a strong season for tourism in the country. The mountain ranges offer long ski pistes and average temperatures of around 4°C in January. You can spend a lovely Christmas holiday in a secluded cottage, and combine this with long days of skiing or snowboarding. The best resorts for skiing are Borovets, Uzana, Pamporovo, and Bansko. Hiking in the winter is still possible, as long as you are prepared with warm clothes and energy! You can definitely ski in Bulgaria, but can you also swim in the winter? Let’s find out! Swimming and enjoying water is more than possible in the winter. Visit one of the mineral springs, where you can sit in hot water and watch the snow flakes falling on your face. It’s a great day to end your day of skiing or hiking in the cold!

Booking a nature house in Bulgaria

Next to our charming cottages in the countryside, we also have bigger accommodations like villas. You can also rent a b&b home if you want to meet one of our heart-warming Bulgarian landlords and eat a traditional Bulgarian breakfast every morning - it’s delicious! All of our houses are located in nature and away from the crowds. You can finally escape the hustle and bustle of the city to relax in the peace and quietness of nature. Ramble in the countryside, stop along the way for a nice picnic outside, go fishing in one of the many rivers and thrashing streams, and just enjoy the company of your loved ones. A holiday with is also the perfect time for a digital detox. Even if it’s just for the weekend, turn your phone off and immerse in nature! Wake your senses with a leisure stroll early in the morning, listen to the chirping of birds, enjoy the sun and the wind. These little things will charge your batteries for months ahead! Check our last minute deals for more inspiratoin. Another Balkan country that is worth your consideration is Montenegro. The "Black Forest" has similar characteristics and weather, but there are differenced that you might find important when making your final choice of destinatoin. Now it's time that we leave the decisions to you. Have a fun time during your holiday, and come back for more experiences in nature!