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Villa Utrecht

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An incredible holiday in one of the Netherlands’ most charming woodlands

The city of Utrecht is the fourth largest one in the Netherlands and it’s a popular destination for local and international tourists as it has to offer some of the most beautiful natural sights of the country. provides you with an unforgettable experience in villa Utrecht, suitable for anyone trying to escape the demanding city life. If you want to rest and recharge then a holiday in with is a marvelous choice for any family, couple, or lone wolf. Moreover, your safety is of extreme importance to us and for your convenience, some accommodations offer a contactless stay. Reserve now and treat yourself to the vacation you deserve.

The beautiful nature of the Utrecht area

Although the territory of Utrecht is not surrounded by the sea, the nature surrounding it is absolutely beautiful as it has to offer breath-taking sceneries and incredible woodland sights. During your stay in the villa, you may encounter wildlife representatives, such as foxes and badgers, and a variety of birds. What is more, the Netherlands is famous for their agriculture and farming activities, therefore you can enjoy a quiet walk around your villa and stumble upon a flock of sheep, a herd of cows, and horses which are unafraid by humans and in some cases extremely friendly.

Normally, the Netherlands is a rainy country, however, during the summer the rains stop pouring as much and you can enjoy your stay in villa Utrecht unbothered by big street and busy locations. Although the national parks and natural sights of the Netherlands are not as big as you would imagine, every single chunk of land is extremely beautiful. An example of that is the area surrounding Utrecht and more specifically the tiny piece of heaven called Beerschoten estate which provides a 12-kilometer walking trail perfect for afternoon walks or recharging bike rides. The Utrecht are is also exceptionally beautiful during the fall season as the forest changes colors and unfolds beautiful sceneries before your eyes.

Activities during your stay in villa Utrecht

Through the years people have used nature as a mean for relaxation, natural mindfulness, anti-stress, sharper focus, and creativity boost which by itself is an important aspect of one’s mental health. Therefore, you can rest assured that your stay at villa Utrecht will be beneficial for you even if you want to simply stay in your house all day. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you can’t stay active during your holiday. Generally speaking, the country of the Netherlands is relatively flat, therefore it is perfect for biking. The Utrecht area is great for undemanding walks or short bike rides around the forest. A retreat in villa Utrecht is also perfect for unconventional honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, or even Valentine’s day if you prefer to honor your love in a different way. The possibilities are countless and all you have to do is reserve your dream vacation with