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A relaxing vacation in the northern Netherlands

Groningen is one of the most popular Dutch tourism destinations due to the incredible natural sights, the variety of outdoor activities available for visitors, and the astonishing flora and fauna of the area. Spending some time off surrounded by nature is proven to lower stress levels, decrease anxiety, and boost creativity, therefore, it is crucial for one’s mental health to invest in a nature-based vacation every once in a while. This is now possible with’s variety of villas. offers villas in the Groningen province providing you with a thrilling opportunity to experience the fascinating Dutch natural beauty.

The stunning nature of the Groningen area

Located in the northern Netherlands and having an exit to the North Sea, the Groningen province is one of the most spectacular Dutch natural territories. A large part of the country and specifically the Groningen area is below sea level since man-made dams were built to regulate the seawater. This contributes to the appearance of many lakes and canals in the area surrounding your villa Groningen. The sunrises and sunsets are spectacular as the light reflects on the glass-like water plates, creating the illusion that you are diving into the sky itself. What is more stunning? Plants like the sea berries, reeds, and orchids all grow in the state of Groningen contributing to the freshness of the air in the woodland.

The man-made dams also uncovered a large part of the land which was once under the sea and is now available for local and international people to visit and enjoy. This part of the province is in the Lauwersmeer national park and it’s an important migration point for ducks and gees, attracting many ornithologists. It is also a home of some of the rarest birds in Europe such as the sea eagle. In terms of the fauna of the Lauwersmeer national park, some species like foxes, Konik horses, and Scottish Highland cattle are typical for this terrain. The province has much to offer in terms of nature-based vacations and now you have the chance to experience it from your own villa in Groningen.

What can you do during your getaway at villa Groningen?

As a major bird migration point, the land around the Lauwersmeer national park is perfect for bird watching especially during the autumn as millions of birds gather around and prepare to travel south. Nevertheless, if you have no interest in such activities, rest assured that you won’t be bored during your stay at the villa. The province of Groningen has been named an official Dark Sky Park which means that the sky of the area is preserved, and you can enjoy clear skies during the night. Imagine stargazing the millions of planets and constellations uncover before your eyes while you sip on a glass of the local wine on the porch of your villa Groningen. This is now possible with the variety of villas that offers and all you have to do is reserve the vacation of your dreams.