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A recharging retreat in a tiny house in Ireland

In recent years the tiny house movement has been gaining popularity due to the convenience of packing a small bag and enjoying a cozy getaway surrounded by nature. This is the modern person’s concept of a dream vacation and if you are one then you know about it. Nevertheless, contrary to the common misconception of being inaccessible, having such a vacation has never been easier. Now thanks to Nature.house you have the opportunity to rejuvenate in a leafy location in a tiny house in Ireland. Home to some of the best natural sights in Europe, Ireland has been a top destination for local and international visitors alike. Make your dream vacation come true and reserve a tiny house in Ireland with Nature.house.

The astonishing beauty of Ireland

Located on the west of the United Kingdom the Republic of Ireland is a North Atlantic island and it’s known for some of the continent’s most incredible natural views. Breath-taking panoramas and unbelievable sceneries uncover before your eyes around every corner of Ireland’s territory. Home to six national parks Ireland’s natural forests include oak woodland with ash, wych elm, birch, and yew trees. In some areas, pine and Beech forests could thrive as well. The Irish are also quite proud of their rhododendron, cotton flower, and yellow Globeflower that bloom in the late spring months between May and June and create fascinating views. A simple walk around your tiny house in Ireland could bring peace and reconciliation into your mind.

In terms of the fauna surrounding your house, species such as weasel, polecat, wildcat, most shrews, moles, water voles, roe deer, snakes, and common toads can all be encountered depending on when you decided to visit the country. Some representatives from the wildlife only thrive during the summer while others come out during the colder months. Therefore, rest assured that you will not be disappointed during your holiday in a tiny house. Ireland has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty that you can’t get enough of.

How can you stay active during your retreat?

If you are in need of some serious outdoor activities then you might enjoy canoeing or kayaking during your stay. Some other activities for the sporty types out there include hiking in the nearest mountains or biking around the hilly fields. Skydiving is also a popular activity in Ireland but you must be careful with the period since some serious winds could influence the dive and end up badly. Nevertheless, if you prefer to keep your vacation on the low or if you decide to retreat as a couple Irelands has some of the most romantic spots in Western Europe. The astonishing flower fields create the perfect environment for picnics, soothing walks, and stargazing evenings, perfect for you and your loved one to spend some quality time with. The opportunities are countless and now it’s all possible with Nature.house.