Veluwe, Netherlands

Wild observation area the Ringakker

We are going to replace the wooden construction of the existing wildlife observation area and expand the screen on both sides. In this way there will be less disturbance for the animals and the chance of being face to face with a red deer will increase even more!

amount 11,000 / €11,000

Together we provide a renovated wildlife observation site

On the ancient ground of the alternating Veluwe you will find peace, space and darkness. The forests are home to red deer, wild boar, roe deer and smaller mammals such as badgers and foxes.

At the wildlife observation area the Ringakker in The Netherlands, in the middle of the Spelderholt, you have the chance to see these animals. The viewing screen is located on the edge of an area that is not open to the public. Because of the tranquillity that is created, animals sometimes show themselves during the day, but often at dusk. The animals come here to graze and drink.

The wildlife observation area was built in May 2013 and now needs to be renovated and optimized. The wooden construction is in need of replacement and to improve the run-up to the screen it is highly desirable to extend the screen on both sides. In this way we will be able to retain this place for visitors to the Veluwe in the future as well.

Follow the project

You can follow the nature project to renovate the wildlife sanctuary "De Ringakker" in The Netherlands here.

The work for this project has been completed, on the pictures you can see the end result!

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