Breda area

Forest restoration

By planting trees in small groups in open areas in the forest, we rejuvenate and improve biodiversity.

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Together we ensure that the quality of the forest improves

In a large part of the forest Ulvenhout-Chaam, trees of the same species have been planted at the same time. According to Olaf, forester at Staatsbosbeheer, in order to work effectively, we used to rejuvenate this part all at once. The trees were felled, the wood was processed, the soil was smoothed and replanted. We now know, many years on, that this is not the right way for the forest ecosystem, because you put the ecosystem at zero in one go.

Nowadays people look at the forest in a different way, more tree-wise. Through a small-scale approach, the unique forest climate is preserved and no nutrients are lost in the soil.

By planting, among other things, saplings of other species, the forest becomes healthier, more biodiverse and more varied.

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The nature project forest restoration in the Breda area can be followed here. This project will be realized in November, which is the best time to plant these trees.

We regularly supplement the images up to and including the photo of the final result!

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