Cottages Estonia

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Cottages Estonia

Travelling to Estonia is a unique experience for everyone who is looking for a new holiday destination. This country has it all! There are plenty of fun activities to do in the summer and winter months. Besides all the impressive man-made entertainment, nature makes the country special and worth visiting. In case you did not know, Estonia is a country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. The Estonian landscape is largely the outcome of glacial activity. The cottages in Estonia can be your starting point for your adventure!

Estonia has a low population density and a lot of untouched nature. Almost three quarters of the entire country is covered by forests and bogs which causes Estonia to have very clean air. To describe the natural landscape in Estonia, you could use words like quiet, mystical, untouched, and ancient. You can explore the many hiking trails, natural parks, cycle paths, and birdwatching spots. Moreover, the country has numerous small islands, cliffs, and beaches which make it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

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