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Agriturismo Veneto

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Agriturismo Veneto

Have you ever wondered what is like to live on a farm? Have you heard of agriturismo? Agriturismo is a combination of the English words “agriculture” and “tourism”. Many farms have free rooms and separate attached buildings to them. Some of them can be booked here at

The ones in Italy particularly are a hot spot for tourists through the year, especially in the region of Veneto. From skiing in the mountains in the winter to visiting the golden beaches and lakes in the summer. Immerse yourself in the farmer's life. Eat fresh and delicious fruits and veggies straight out of the garden. Who knows you might learn a thing or two, from your farmer host about growing plants on your own? Most of the accommodations are pet friendly. Some of them have their own swimming pools. And of course, many cattle animals will be your neighbors.


The Veneto region has contrasting nature, given the fact that the landscape consists of mountains, vast plains and golden beach coasts. From the high peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites where Cortina d’Ampezzo, the high-class ski resort is located to vineyard cultivated planes. Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake neighbors with Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardia. Even Italy’s longest river – The Po River runs through the region for a great part. Venice, Verona, Padula, Vicenza are the major cities on the territory of Veneto.

There are many National parks and reserves here. For the birdwatching enthusiasts, Oasis Cave di Gaggio is strongly recommended. With its astounding biodiversity, only on the north part of the reserve 146 species of animal life has been recorded. There are a few sheds and watchtowers from which you can observe and take photos of birds like kingfisher, great egret, gray heron, pygmy cormorant, bittern, various types of ducks, sparrows, woodpeckers and so on. Or take your swimsuit and visit Oasi Vallevecchia di Brussa. It is the perfect lovers retreat with its sandy beaches and astonishing nature all around. Natural Vancheto Celarda Reserve is not to be missed as well. It is a safe haven for many imperial herons, deer, wild boar and eaglets. The Douro River passes through the area with white poplars, black poplars, willows, stone pine, holm oaks, elms growing alongside it. Many species of birds choose to nest here. A winery is located there, so if you get tired of exploring nature you can try exploring the famous Italian wine. And if a mountain retreat is what you are looking for check Parco naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane. Located in the Dolomite mountains it is perfect for nature hike and finding peace and tranquility. The fauna is very rich consisting of chamois, roe deer, marmots, wood grouse, black grouse, red deer and a large colony of ibex. The flora is just as rich with rare and protected species such as the splendid Pianella della Madonna, the Campanula Morettiana , the Poppy of the Rocks and numerous orchids and gentians.

What can you do?

The most visited city in Veneto is Venice. With its unsurpassed enchantment the city was entirely constructed on the lagoon's islets. Palazzo Ducale, one of the greatest examples of gothic architecture is located there. While visiting you should check La Fenice Theatre - one of the most famous theatres of the world, especially in the opera season. Explore the traditional craftwork of Italy. Go to Morana, famous for its glassmakers or Burano, well known for its art of lace. Stop by the charming Torcello island. It has a 7th century cathedral, tall bell tower with a breathtaking view of the lagoon. The local cuisine is not to be missed, being as wide ranging as the territory.

For a more challenging nature excursion you should look into the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites. Walks with cross-country skis or snowshoes, ski mountaineering in quiet places full of magic, climbing courses on frozen waterfalls are just a few of the things you can do in the winter months here. Or climb the Peak of Val Montanaia which is an essential destination for any climbing enthusiast. If you climb high enough, near Mount Borgà you will see a curious erosion phenomenon of San Daniele Books. Or observe the fossilized dinosaur footprints at Casavento.

And at the end of the filled with exploring day go back to your charming agriturismo house. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful sunset with your loved one. Or grill some meat and veggies on the barbeque with the family on a late afternoon. Take a walk through the vast farm property in peace, quiet and fresh air.

Lovely weather

In its 18000 km2, Veneto contains all the temperatures of Europe. The climate is sub-continental, with the Alps protecting the region from north winds the temperatures stay pleasurable through the year. There are two climate zones in Veneto. The alpine region is known for his cold winters and cool summers and frequent snowfall. And the hill and plain area, where the climate is moderately continental. Winter is perfect for exploring the cities in the region or for the ski-loving tourists, with temperatures between 0-7 °C. Summer is the best time to visit the seaside.

Mountains are also recommended for sightseeing, sport or just enjoying the locations. Temperatures reach 30 °C in the hottest moths. Lake Garda can be enjoyed any time of the year, thanks to its warm climes. Rainfall is not very common all year round, with 8-10 rainy days per month. Don’t visit June if you are not a fan of rain. The humidity of the air is high though, because of the sea, reaching up to 80%. Water temperatures reach 25-27 °C in July. July is also the sunniest month, with about 300 hours of sunlight for the whole month.