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Villas in Sicily

Sicily is one of the best places to go on a holiday in nature. Stunning landscapes, wide variety of flora and fauna, favorable Mediterranean weather throughout the year, these are just some of the things that await you there. Book one of our beautiful holiday villas in Sicily for a fun and relaxing holiday with your whole family and friends. The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Discover the greenery and beaches of Sicily

Italy is home of the two biggest islands in the Mediterranean - Sicily and Sardinia. Sicily is described by many people as the most beautiful as well. The trademark of the region is Mount Etna. This is the tallest active volcano in all of Europe, and it’s one of the most active worldwide. Sicily is a historical region that tells stories of many different past civilizations. You can see this in the temples and Medieval castles, ancient ruins, and statues. Along with its cultural treasures, the island lures tourists with its outstanding nature.

Restless mountains, long craggy coastline with crystal clear seabed, sleepy and awake volcanos, Sicily is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure travelers. The variety of geographical features and the favorable climate contribute to its diverse flora and fauna. You will find all kinds of Mediterranean herbs in the mountain regions and local plants like oak and cork trees, agave, palm, eucalyptus, fichus, cedar. Agricultural land along the coast is filled with citrus orchards, olive plantations and of course, vineyards. After the many years of human interventions in wildlife, wild animals in Sicily are not seen as often as before. You can still come across foxes, hares and wild cats. And the fish population is very diverse and intact despite the long history of fishing on the island. Sicily is an important transit point in the birds migration routes so you can enjoy bird watching.

Our holiday villas in Sicily

Book your Sicily holiday with if you want to have an authentic holiday unbothered by other tourists. In one of our villas you can enjoy astonishing views of the mountains and greenery all around you. You will have your own pool where kids can play while you are tanning in the sun right next to them. Luxury, privacy and spacious living spaces are the advantage of the villas. They are more suitable for big groups of families or friends. In the large living rooms you can organize fun games for everyone; on your terrace you can share delicious home-made dinner while watching the melting sunset and the sea; in nature you can have various outdoor activities like walking, hiking, water sports, and cycling, if you wish. Some of our homes also have a nice garden with citrus fruit that makes your experience in nature even more authentic. You will be able to experience the hedonistic Italian lifestyle like the locals. While renting a Sicilian villa for the spring and summer months is one of your best options, you can also spend a heart-warming Christmas and New Year holiday there. Or just book a long weekend in the dazzling nature of Sicily, it’s definitely worth it.

Enjoy the great outdoors and fill your time with adventures

The top attractions of Sicily are the active volcanic activity all around. You can get a guided tour on the island of Stroboli for just under 30 euros. Have a 5-hour track at its peak – Sciara del Fuoco at sunset and be amazed by the power of mother nature. Or take a boat trip at night and watch the flowing lava meet the sea in all its steaming beauty. Departure on the Aeolian islands and feast your eyes with all the sea cliffs, caves and inlets. Watch the sunset while volcanoes spit lava right before your eyes. The view is unforgettable and powerful to observe. An adventure with a jeep sounds nice? For 50 euros you can book a morning jeep tour on mount Etna – the highest volcano in Europe. Be amazed of how in a matter of many years the flowing lava changed the landscape there. While there you must find time to visit Valle del Bove and explore the lava cave. And after an exhausting day dive into Palermo’s traditional street food. You will find a lot of small restaurants and food shops that are around for hundreds of years. Trust me you belly will be grateful!

Finish the night in your own private villa high in the hills, away from all the tourist fuss. Have a refreshing beverage in the warm evening and maybe open some of the sweet desserts that you bought from the bakery back in Palermo. Italy is famous with its wines. So what better way to taste it than on the cozy couch with your partner watching tv until you fall asleep from the amazing day you had.

Amazing weather all year round!

The climate in Sicily is Mediterranean, meaning that the winters are very mild and summers are scorching hot. Summer droughts are usual in the lower area of the island. Above 1000 meters snowfall for a couple of days is possible. The occasional thunderstorm might appear springtime. Temperatures reach 35-40 °C in summer and winter is blessed with its 20 °C. The record for lowest winter temperature on the island is 0 °C. So make sure you hydrate while on vacation in your villa in Sicily !

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