Winterswijk area, Netherlands

Together for the Patridge

We give the rare partridge a beautiful habitat, in a varied arable landscape with hedgerows, hedges and flowery field edges.

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Together we create more biodiversity in the arable landscape

At Groot Deunk, just west of Winterswijk in the Netherlands, local volunteers are working on an agricultural landscape in which there is plenty of space for nature. Old landscape elements such as hedgerows and hedges are being restored and a beautifully varied landscape with fields, orchards and flowery field edges is being created.

In such a landscape the partridge feels at home. This bird species has declined dramatically in the Netherlands in recent decades, but with the right measures we will give it another chance. In the fields the birds find seeds that remain after the harvest, in the flowery edges their chicks hunt for insects. And when danger threatens, they can quickly take shelter under wooded banks and hedges.

The partridge is the figurehead of the field nature. Where partridges live, other birds as well as mammals, reptiles and insects usually do well. Whoever helps the partridge, contributes to the biodiversity in the entire arable landscape!

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Together with the organization for Dutch Bird protection we have worked hard to restore old landscape elements in Groot Deunk. Historic fire ponds were cleared and an old stream regained its natural, meandering course.

Recently (January 2021) new trees and bushes were planted. The hedges offer partridge and other animals shelter when danger threatens. Furthermore, flowery field margins have been sown in the area and 'beetle banks' and flower blocks have been laid out. Here the birds find plenty of food: insects for the chicks and seeds and weeds for their parents. And this spring even more areas will be sown with flowers and herbs.

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