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What is your definition of a nature getaway? How about waking up to the unfiltered sounds of birds, wind and the trees around you? Or having a sip of your favorite morning drink on a deck with an unobstructed view of mountain ranges, flower fields or dense forests? Imagine having dinner with your closest people under the stars in the quiet serenity of nature. Some locations come with special features like a pool, or private yards, barbeque, etc. You can experience this and much more if you book one of our lodge tents across Europe.

With numerous locations, setting and a range of amenities available, a lodge tent is the perfect destination for nature enthusiast who want to run away from the busy city life directly into the woods. Europe is becoming an even more popular destination in recent years, due to the system of connected transportation which allows for quick and easy travelling. The nature has many faces and you can enjoy some of it during any season – the mountain ranges, the rural areas, the fields and forests or the beautiful beaches. From an adventurer’s point of view, Europe provides for an excellent array of experiences with its rich cultural, historical and natural background.

A landscape worth seeing

France may be famous for vine fields, fragrances and amazing wine, but its nature is just as majestic. The Pyrénées National Park located right on the border with Spain is the perfect spot for outdoor adventures. This scenic territory has been preserving the local biodiversity since the 60s and is a popular location for scientist who come here to study the flora and fauna. This national park, except for being the lovely home of numerous plants and animals, is also crossed by a vast network of trails loved by hikers across the world. The views provide for amazing memories and also photographs, especially in the areas around the more than 200 lakes spread at the highest altitudes. Home to majestic animals like the chamois, the golden eagle and the peregrine falcons, visit the territory to spot them and many more in their natural habitat on the fields beneath some of the highest peaks.

Some of the most beautiful parks throughout the Netherlands are located in the region of Drenthe. The National Park Drentsche Aa is surrounding the valley of the river Drentsche Aa and used to be an agricultural land in the past. The landscape has not changed much since then, therefore the park territory is covered in vast fields and heathlands. The Drents-Friese Wold National Park is also located in the Drenthe province. The land of the park was used by farmers in the past, therefore today there are mainly heathlands and sand-drifts. There is also evidence that the territory was populated airing the Stone Age and you can even visit graves from that time. In the past, in some areas there was a forestation plan and today you may see many oaks, pines and larches still covering parts of the park.

This territory is a home to many animals and plants. One of the more interesting inhabitants of the park is the adder – a poisonous snake and one of the three species which you can meet along your exploration (the other two are not poisonous). This snake is very distinguishable by the zigzag markings on its body. The two other snakes– a slippery snake and a ringed snake – are a very rare sight and also look alike to some extent.

In northern Italy you will find one of the most beautiful places not only in Europe but probably in the world. The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and spreads across 32 km2. A few mountain ranges meet here creating a one-in-a-million landscape with gorges, high peaks, turbulent rivers and many lakes and swamps even at the highest places. In the are there are a few plants which are very specific to this region – the rhododendron, the edelweiss and the Carduus – spred across the many pastures and meadows. Moreover, this national park is home to very rich fauna – on your hikes there is a chance you will spot roe deer, charmois, a few species of newts and salamanders and countless endangered bird species. Consider yourself the luckiest if you see the hoopoe – a beautiful and colorful bird, which is almost extinct nowadays.


There are many options to explore Europe’s nature – train rides, hiking trails across many mountain peaks and so on. However, the Pyrénées National Park provides some of the best views for such outdoor adventures.

The combination of Dutch culture and the flat land across the country have led to the creation of numerous bicycle trails everywhere. Take a ride along many beautiful natural features, including rich flora and fauna in the area of National park Drentsche Aa. This open land also provides opportunities for wonderful short walks in the area or hiking daytrips (there is even a bike rental place at the location).

During the winter season you can take advantage of the Dolomiti Superski skipass, which can be used in 12 ski areas across the mountain range (yes, all with one pass). The Dolomiti gives you access to some of the best, longest and most beautiful ski slopes on Earth. Some of the nicest ski areas include Val Gardena, Alta badia, and Val di Fassa. The Val Gardena ski resort is probably the most famous one and it has even received many awards as one of the best in the world. Around the whole area you can also visit the mountain huts, where favorite local meals are served – this way you can enjoy the two most traditional phenomena in the region – the ski slopes and the food.


Having in mind the type of accommodation – a lodge tent – the best seasons to visit are late spring and summer. Recently, early autumn has also become a popular time among travelers. Temperatures vary depending on the geo graphical latitude of the country you choose to visit. As a rule of thumb the more you go south the warmer (or hotter in the summer) it gets. The best policy would be to consult our climate recommendations for the specific country you choose.