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Glamping Croatia

Glamping is hot! This form of accommodation is the ideal combination of a traditional, adventurous camping holiday, the luxury and facilities that you know of a hotel. Are you ready for a special holiday in nature, but you don't need a simple and "normal" holiday home? Then, glam camping is probably something for you. A glamping house in Croatia guarantees a unique, authentic holiday experience in Croatian nature.


The varied Croatian landscape consists of grasslands, hills, lakes, densely populated mountain areas, rocky coastline, islands, forests... For such a small county with a size of slightly over 55.000 km2, that’s quite impressive! You can rent a Croatian cottage with a view of the lowlands, near the sea, or higher in the mountains. Combinations are also possible, and one of the regions where you can do it is Kvarner. But first, let's see what these different landscapes have to offer.

The lowlands

The green lowlands are the predominant landscape and make up for half of the total area. Ramble in the countryside to discover a sensational palette of seasonal colors in the fields and gentle hills. Don’t rush and soak in the atmosphere of this warm-hearted place! It’s where you can really come to peace with nature.

The highlands

You can also choose to stay high in the mountains, where you can feel absolute freedom and wake your senses with the frosty air. We have a variety of hilltop cottages and holiday homes that are in the mountain areas. The beautiful towering mountains of Croatia are mostly situated in the interior of the country, with peaks soaring to over 1.500 meters. The highest peak Dinara (1831m) is located in the Dinaric Alps, a mountain that spreads across the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The impressive coastline with dazzling beaches

As for beaches, they are the pinnacle of the natural experience in Croatia. The notorious Croatian coastline covers an area of over 5.800 km making it one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean. What is more important, this Adriatic Sea coastline harbours the cleanest beaches in all of Europe! If you’re travelling in the summer, you should definitely pay a visit to one of the sandy or pebble beaches, and swim in crystal clear blue waters.

Or just book a seaside cottage and have the beach on your doorstep. Take a swim in the water or just snooze in the shade in your garden. Let yourself experience what the Dalmatians call 'fjaka' - a nice lazy mood of utter contentment. What a better place to experience this than with a view of the jagged coastline, blue waters, undulating white waves… And to finish this marvelous scene - the sun melts at the sea creating a jaw-dropping vista that can quicken the pulse of anyone.

The wide diversity in landscape ensures that there is a variety of flora and fauna in this country. Among the many densely forested areas bears, wolves and some rare bird species can be found. During the summer the mountain meadows are completely colored with protected flowers and plants, including the orchid and edelweiss. The Croatian flora is mainly characterized by cypresses, olive trees, and lavender, but there are more than 3.000 unique plants in specific places like the Velebit mountain and Kvarner islands.


Due to the location of the country and the different states that once ruled over Croatia, the culture has been strongly influenced by many others. It’s still wonderful to see how each state managed to keep its regional traditions alive to this day. This is not only found back in the kitchen but also in the many old buildings that are full of history. You could for example visit the Roman Amphitheater of Pula, the historic complex in Split and Dubrovnik’s Old Town. It is located on the Dalmatian Coast. For more cultural experiences you can also visit the region of Istria. It offers a great combination of historical sites and hidden natural beauties like the Škarlina park and Mramornica Cave.

As for the outdoor adventures that are possible in the nature of Croatia, you already have an idea that the list is just endless. From water-based adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming with dolphins, you can also go paragliding, mountaineering, and mountain biking. Other activities that can be fun for the whole family are long hikes, camping in the forest, rafting in one of the thrashing streams, or just a relaxing picnic by the river. If you’re travelling alone, then pick a peaceful and quiet place close to your cottage and meditate in the sun.

Rent a glamping house

Those who would like to go on a cheap glamping holiday can choose from different accommodation types. For example, yurts, safari tents, tiny houses, and teepees are seen as a form of glamping, but tree houses, houseboats, log cabins, and wagons are nowadays also classified as glamping accommodations. What all these rentals have in common is that on arrival everything is arranged and ready for you. The holiday can start right on arrival and that is - especially with kids - so nice. Old-fashioned camping with the luxury of today (you might even have a pool)... Have you already tried it?

Are you wondering where you will leave your dog during your vacation? You don’t need to worry about it. Moreover, wherever the glamping tent is located, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained! Take a bike ride or go for a walk through nature. If you like bird watching, you can look for the most beautiful birds. If the house is located on a lake, river, or sea, you can go fishing! In addition, a visit to some historical cities, an amusement park, museum, or zoo are among the possibilities that you can do during your camping luxury holiday. Whatever your stay looks like, glamping is an attractive alternative to a traditional camping holiday. Have you already become acquainted with the charm of a glamping holiday or would you like to try it for the first time? Then book a private glamping rental in Croatia with! Whatever kind of nature house you choose, you will always spend your holiday in nature, in less crowded holiday parks, or in the woods.