Nature house in Vibini


Nature house-ID
Number of guests
Rental situation
part of house, no other guests
in a village

About this nature house

This naturehouse is a family owned place. Familys main business is agriculture and growing crops. Before buying the house, it was an elementary school which was closed due to lack of students. Building is approx 160 years old, but the basement is dated back to approx 1400 year. A lot of history to tell about the manor. Step by step we are making the rooms more cozy and comfortable with nice furniture and heating, yet leaving some signs of the past, like blackboards and old clay furnices, which still work and serve as an additional heating element. In the center of the building is located the big hall with a fire place. You can relax after a day of adventures or you can throw a party for you and your friends, there is enough room for everyone. Also for kids there are several activities, like toys and playroom or if they wish, they can play outside in the park. The manor has everything that is needed for short or long term living. Even a garden with vegetables and fruits, all 100% eco.

Nature and surroundings

Villa is located in a small village with very small population, about 200 people. The village has a library, grocery store, sports arena. The territory is 4 hectares big. With 2 ponds. The park contains all kind of rare tree species. Part of the trees are about 200 years old and with round measure up to 5,5 meter. In the park is a soccer field and some gymnastics equipment for excersising. The surrounding envoirment is very quiet and peacufull filled with nice aroma from nature and bird sounds. In the summer and autumn it is possible to collect herbs for natural health improving tea. The whole region is located in a hilly part of the country with very beautiful landscape and nature views. The region also has a lot of legends and storys about this part of the county. If you want to get out of the city and crowded places, this is where you have to go. Bakuze is quiet, peacefull and will bring you peace and good mood. This is a pet friendly place if you wish to take your pet with you.


  • Electricity: We buy green electricity (at least 50%)
  • Isolation: Floor isolated, Double glass, Roof isolated, Walls insulated
  • Sustainable isolation: Mineral wool (glass wool / stone wool)
  • Hot water supply: Boiler, Boiler (hot water and heating)
  • Heating: radiators and central heating boiler
  • Koeling: Airconditioning
  • Degree of waste separation: Residual waste, Glass, Paper/cardboard, Vegetable fruit garden waste, Plastics
  • Use of biological cleaning products
  • From own garden: Herbs, Vegetable, Fruit, Honey, Jam
  • Public transport within 1 kilometer


Bedroom 1
  • 2-pers. bed: 1x
Bedroom 2
  • 2-pers. bed: 1x
Bedroom 3
  • 2-pers. bed: 1x
Bedroom 4
  • 1 pers. bed: 3x
Bedroom 5
  • 1 pers. bed: 2x
Bedroom 6
  • 1-pers. sofa bed: 1x
Bedroom 7
  • 2-pers. bed: 2x
  • 1 pers. bed: 2x
Bedroom 8
  • 2-pers. bed: 1x
  • 2-pers. sofa bed: 1x
  • fire place
  • garden furniture
  • internet (WiFi)
  • garden
  • bbq
  • refrigirator with freezer
  • terrace
  • general heating
  • dishwasher
  • washing machine
  • playground
  • storage
  • internet
  • playground equipment
  • small lake
  • airco
  • business meetings
  • dog bowl
  • dog basket
  • jacuzzi
  • parking (x 5)
  • double bed (x 5)
  • baby bath (x 5)