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Chalet Vorarlberg

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Chalet Vorarlberg

Planning to go on a holiday in the mountains? Why don’t you try out chalets in Vorarlberg, Austria? It is the smallest and westernmost region of Austria situated between Lake Constance and Arlberg. It is an Alpine region, perfect for a holiday up in the mountains, filled with adventure and excitement.

You might ask what a chalet is? Well, a chalet is a type of house or bungalow, typical for the Alpine region, mostly in Switzerland. It is made almost entirely of wood, with straight lines and stylish roof gently peeking out above the porch of the house. Most of the accommodations are pet friendly, with all the extras you, your family and friends would need. Escape high, in between the white mountain peaks, from the polluted city air and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Majestic landscapes

Known for its beautiful ski slopes in winter or the mesmerizing hiking trails in the summer, Vorarlberg is a perfect destination for a holiday all year round. You can find many crystal-clear mountain lakes, waterfalls, ancient forests, castles and the region’s famous cheese. There are many dairy farms in Vorarlberg. Brengenzerwald Cheese Route connects them to the shops and restaurants. The Bregenzerwald region is a landscape of green hills and granite towers, popular with skiing and hiking enthusiasts. Going south you will find yourself at chains of mountains ring the valley, called Montafon.

Or check out Kleinwalsertal, encircled by 36 mountain peaks this idyllic valley is only accessible by road from Germany. North of the Hoher Ifen mountain you can find the Gottesacker plateau and the 120-million-year-old remains of coral reefs and other ocean life. The landscape there is completely changed and transformed by the force of nature over many millennia. You can find many species of plant life unlike any other here. Körbersee lake and Formarinsee lake are one of the many of “Austria’s most beautiful places''. They can be reached by hiking trails in Lech and Dalaas and Schröcken, Warth.

Austrian flora and fauna should not be underestimated. No matter the time of the year, Tyrol and Vorarlberg must be visited. Feast your eyes with the red, orange and yellow colors of the mountain tops thanks to the moss that grows there. You might even catch a glimpse of the rare alpine roses and edelweiss. In the mountains, the growth of trees stops as you get higher. However, the tree growth does not stop abruptly, the trees become bushes, the bushes eventually turn into grasses and then into mosses. Beside the easy to spot deer, foxes, squirrels, hares and badgers one of the most interesting animals are the chamois. Watch as they climb seemingly impossible cliffs. You might even come face to face with the large marmots.

You might also come across some very rare species of birds like goldcrest or redpoll. Very different birds live high in the mountains. Some examples are rock creeper, various types of swallows, water pipit, snow finch and the alpine chough. The bearded vulture is really rare. The fast-flowing waters are populated by rainbow trout and in the crystal-clear lakes, you can find lake trout and lake salmon. Many reptiles live in these mountains as well like alpine salamanders and the dangerous adder.

Discover Vorarlberg

There are so many activities to do in Vorarlberg. You can hop on a cable car with your family and enjoy the beautiful panoramic scenery all around you, while you ascend to the mountains. In the summer months you can try surfing or sailing in the amazing Austrian lakes. Or take a more dynamic activity like rafting, kayaking or canyoning through rapid waters and waterfalls.

Montafon is perfect for skiing, hiking, biking. You can challenge yourself by climbing the 320-meter-long dam. You can sleep as an eskimo at the Night-time igloo adventure. Check out Lech Zürs am Arlberg’s Skyspace Lech. It allows visitors to observe the skies like never before. While there you should climb the Rüfikopf at 2,362 meters and be amazed from the view it offers. A good way to spend your holiday time is taking a guided gourmet snowshoe hike and cooking on the alp in Kleinwalsertal. And try something fun with your kids - Tobogganing. Once at the top, slide down the longest, most fun, exciting and fastest toboggan runs.

The region has a lot to offer culturally as well. If you choose the summer months for your dream vacation you must visit the Bregenzer Festspiele. It’s a hot spot for music lovers from all around the world. Every year, opera performances take place on an impressive floating stage with a magnificent view of a sunset over Lake Constance. What more to ask but excellent music while surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Austria. At the end of an exhausting day, you can always count on your cozy chalet in Vorarlberg. Put on the tv, lay down with your loved one on the comfy couch with a glass of hot beverage and rest without a single worry in the world.

Weather in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg is one of the coldest regions in Austria. The climate widely corresponds to Central European weather conditions. It is cold, wet and a few beautiful summer months. June, July and August are the months with the most pleasurable temperatures – 20 to 25 °C. The summer months are also with the highest chance of precipitation. July is the sunniest month with highest average temperatures reaching 24 °C. The coldest month is January - 4°C. August is the month with the most rainfall. February is the driest.