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Bungalows Valencia

Have you ever found yourself wishing you were in dreamy Spain, but always dreaded the busy streets, the packed-with-tourists summer resorts and famous beaches? If you want to explore Spain from another point of view – the natural, serene, quiet and traditional Spain, check out our bungalow options for Valencia. The perfect symbiosis between amazing accommodation with everything one could possibly need to feel comfortable and the scenic views of Spanish mountains, coastal rocky formations or secluded beaches on a 5-minute walk from your own patio. With hikes, walking paths, dense vegetation and amazing weather all around you, rest assured that Spain is waiting for you. Explore this historical land and learn a lot about local traditions and customs, meet with locals and let them tell you all the secrets of this country’s beautiful nature.

The best of Spanish nature

The region of Valencia has 22 national park waiting for you. Islands, mountains, coasts, marshlands and more are part of the natural landscape of this Spanish province. There is something for everybody under Spain’s sun – for those who want to simply relax and for those who come here to seek adventures.

Sot de Chera Natural Park is located in the region and is famous for its bursting culture, nature and wildlife. Beautiful canyons, magnificent gorges and numerous springs cross the park’s map. Explore this picturesque geological park either climbing or hiking along the dense map of trails. Among the best things about this national park is the Geoparc Chera – a heaven for those into geology. On its premises you can see waterfalls like the La Garita and the La Castellana, as well as the La Hoz ravine, many small churches and a few peaks available for hikers – the Rope and Nieves. This Geological park is open all year round and if you decide to visit, make sure to allow yourself to immerse into the traditional cuisine and cooking customs – the locals will be happy to introduce you and guide you through all the processes from the agricultural aspects, all the way to the spices they use for the dishes. This is a remarkable way to experience Spanish culture at its finest.

Just 11km to the south of Valencia’s busy streets is La Albufera - best known as a natural park with a huge freshwater lagoon. The lagoon is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of dunes. It is safe to say that this is one of the best places for nature enthusiasts throughout Spain. You can spend days and days here exploring the waters of the lagoon, the plants and animals living around here. The park is also known for being the home of the paella – a famous Spanish dish – and for the rice fields around the lagoon. The park is also popular among birdwatchers for the diverse bird populations on the wetlands.

Activities in Valencia

If you visit the lagoon of La Albufera, which we strongly advise you to, you can opt in for a boat ride across the flat waters – it is an amazing and very romantic experience especially during sunset. Zou could also sign up for a paella cooking class as part of a private tour of the park – get private cooking classes from an experienced local chef. Of course, roaming around the park by yourself is always an option – by foot or on a bike (yes, there are rentals). In fact, bike tours are also a popular choice by visitors – there is even a two-day bike tour with a guide, on which you will definitely learn everything possible regarding the natural reserve area.

If you like learning about animals and their way of living, or if you are travelling with children, then Bioparc Valencia is the place to be. Almost 1,000 animal species await to meet you and “tell” you their stories. This is not a regular zoo, here every animal gets special treatment even in the smallest of details. For example, each animal kind gets their own habitat created and nurtured in order to copy as much as possible the natural one typical for this species. You get a chance to experience some of the greatest animals on Earth – an activity for which you would have to travel to Africa in this case. Gorillas, lemurs, Savannah Lions, Nile Hippos, leopards, and different types of snakes await your visit. The park is split into 4 areas depending on the habitat they are trying to reciprocate: savannah (zebras, rhinos), wetlands(giraffes, gazelles), the island of Madagascar(close encounters with lemurs), and Equatorial Africa (leopards and gorillas).

Another place worth the visit, especially if you want to connect with the animal side of nature is the Oceanografic Valencia – the largest aquarium in Europe. The employees here know everything about marine life and have devoted their life to the conservation of sea, ocean, and freshwater animal species. The aquarium regularly finances research and education projects in relation to the seas and oceans of the world and their amazing inhabitants. This place is also divided into habitats, therefore making it easier to find your way around here or to visit just those habitats which present an interest of yours. . Here you can take a walk and watch how animals interact while passing through the longest underwater tunnel in Europe. The most interesting experiences are definitely shark meetings and seeing the only Beluga whale family in Europe. The aquarium has invested a lot of time and resources into the preservation of sea and ocean life, as well as the education of current and future generations of the impact we as humans have on these creatures and their life. Other rare species to spot here include the Barrel Jellyfish, the Big-belly Seahorse, the Black-necked Swan, guitarfish, reef sharks, the famous Clownfish and one of the rarest shark species – the Carpet shark.

When to visit?

Spain is famous for its amazing weather all year-long, however during summer it may get too hot. Therefore, we advise you to choose to visit this great Spanish region during the spring months of April and May. In this way, you will enjoy the warm weather, bathe in the Spanish sun, have consistent weather for outside activities and you will also skip the peak season (usually from October until March).