Agriturismo Madeira

Agriturismo Madeira

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Agriturismo Madeira

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to experience nature and get acquainted with local traditions and customs is agritourism. If you choose this type of accommodation, you get to stay in a beautiful rural area, often in a cottage adjacent to a local farmer’s house or a family guesthouse. The hosts are friendly and talkative, they enjoy the company of visitors and love sharing all the daily processes behind a successful farm or guesthouse.

Madeira is an autonomous archipelago region, part of Portugal, and includes three islands – Madeira, Porto Santo and Desertas. As a popular touris destination, the region has developed beautifully over the last 20 years. Noted for the local wine, cuisine, culture and above all amazing nature, this area is a must see from your bucket list.

An UNESCO-approved nature

The largest island on the archipelago is Madeira. The unique characteristic of this island is the fact that it is actually the top of a submerged volcano, which should not worry you as volcanic activity is rare and the last one happened around 6,500 years ago. Except for wild forests, sunny meadows and a 150 km coastline, there is also a mountain range bracing the Madeira skies along the center of the island. The island nature is a classified UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site due to its rich nature and biodiversity of rare plant and animal species.

Parts of Madeira are covered by the Laurissilva ancient forest, home to gigantic trees, as well as rare bird species such as Zino’s petrel. Laurissilva is part of the Madeira Nature Reserve and a recognized Natural Heritage for Humanity by UNESCO. The natural reserve on which Laurissilva is located, takes up more than 60% of the island’s territory. Hundreds of farms are situated at its lower parts, due to the abundance of water in the region.

Activities to get the best out of your visit

If you enjoy a good hike, head to Pico Ruivo – the highest peak on the island. The regular path is preferred by those extremely good at hiking. The easier path starts from Achada, but rest assured it is not for the faint of heart either.

Our favorite spot on the Madeira Island is the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. This enormous garden is covered with all kinds of plants, but the most fascinating part is the collection of exotic plants from all around the world. Of course, the garden is a nesting place and a year-round home for many birds, especially in the area of the central lake. The garden also includes a museum with different exhibitions.

To get the most out of Madeira’s weather and nature, head to the hiking trail along the mountain waters from Paul da Serra Mountain. This wild area is famous due to Cascada da Risco – a magnificent and completely vertical waterfall. Along the hiking trail there are also smaller cascades known as the 25 Fontes. The trail is not extremely difficult and at the same time provides one of the best sceneries on the island.