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Wood cabin

Imagine waking up to the sounds of all kinds of little birds chirping on the skirt of your window. The light rays peeked out through the curtains, lightening the wooden floor. The smell of nothing else but nature itself. Then all you need is one of our wooden cabins. You and your friends can retreat there for a barbecue weekend... or maybe go with a loved one on a romantic getaway far away from the stress of the daily life routine.

There are a variety of houses in the forest from which you can choose. Most of them allow you to take your trustworthy pet companion. They are equipped with the internet, though I’m not sure you will need it. Europe is gifted with such a beautiful nature and this is a chance for you to dive right into it.

Ideas about your holiday in the middle of nature

From the peaking mountain tops of Italy to the vast plains of Norway there are endless possibilities for you and your friends or family to experience pure bliss in the middle of nowhere. You can pick a warmer place in Portugal. For example, you can take a stroll on one of the multiple tourist paths inside Peneda- Geres National Park or go check the ancient “Lindozo” castle there. Or visit some of the multiple amazing waterfalls like Cascata do Arado? Take a walk down the hill only to find that the dark green forest spreads out and gives way to the golden undisturbed beaches. With a see through waters and astounding array of sea life below. Who knows, maybe you will find some long-lost pirate treasure on these deserted beaches? Or you prefer the heartwarming coldness of winter? Check our wooden cabins in Norway. With more than 80% of its national parks being mountains. The largest being Hardangervidda. It's also Europe’s largest mountain plateau with its more than 3,400 square kilometers. So, make sure you’ve packed the right hiking shoes.

Enjoy your holiday with outdoor activities

Rent a boat trip in the crystal-clear waters of the White sea in Greece. Or just take a friend and go ice fishing at a quiet lake in Norway? Or for the more extreme of you there is always the options of mountain biking or cliff climbing. Even the simplest thing like laying on the forest floor listening to the sounds getting more and more amplified in your ears can bring you relaxation and happiness. Explore the forest in all its beauty far away from everything and everyone. Feel the shade of the ancient and majestic trees falling on you like a cold blanket on a summer day. They say there is nothing healthier than taking a quick jog in nature. It's also a great opportunity to try some of the garden's fresh veggies.

Take your family on a picnic trip to one of the many grass openings in the middle of the forestation. Or read an interesting book on a hammock undisturbed. Some of our best offers include a swimming pool right outside of the cottage’s door. How cool will it be to chill in the pool on a sunny day, in the middle of nowhere enjoying the view that’s all around you. Or come out of the sauna straight into the cool waters to refresh your body and mind. Of course, after a long day you can just sit on the cozy couch with your soul mate and watch some tv. After all you are on holiday, time to relax.

Best destinations depending on the weather

Every season has its charm. For example, in Belgium the best time to have an excellent nature experience is springtime. While many prefer to go see the colorful tulip fields of the Netherlands, Hallerbos does not yield in any way with its blossoms wrapping around the forest floor like a big purple blanket around the whole scenery. Watch nature unfolds itself from her winter sleep. Curious deers scamper around with their young ones. Playful squirrels are jumping from branch to branch, waiting for the so beloved nuts to form. Every day more and more birds are coming to their old nests so that they can grow the next generation. But then like in a blink of an eye, your dream wooden cabin is covered in the red and yellow patterns of dying leaves. The grown-up birds are long gone to a warmer place. Squirrels are jumping up and down of joy, trying to gather as many acorns as possible. Everything is so peaceful and quiet, but yet so astoundingly beautiful to watch from the warmth of the cabin with a nice hot drink next to the burning fireplace.

If you prefer a colder and snowier climate you can visit Slovakia. There is a diversity of thing that you can do to enjoy your stay. The mountainous areas there are a great way to have an amazing weekend. From skiing in Tatra mountains to ice climbing course for the adventure seekers. Or take a hike with the family throughout the astounding fauna and after that dip into the natural geothermal pools. And did you know that you that dog sledding is a sport in Slovakia? You can find a musher and try it out yourself usually in the Liptov region. And if a summer's your season of choice Easter Europe won’t disappoint you. With its warm temperatures and colorful environment. Take a tiny house in the high in the clouds or a villa near the beach. It has a variety of big animals like brown bear, grey wolf, bison, elk and golden eagle. There are one of the oldest forests in the world. It’s a great opportunity to peek into the past and see that this stayed the way it is innocent and untouched for thousands, even millions of years.