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Together we make the earth green again

On holiday, a beautiful environment can’t be missed. It is therefore very important to do something for nature, so that future generations can enjoy it for a very long time. After all, nature has a lot of beauty to offer and that is why we, in cooperation with our guests and house owners, are happy to contribute to a greener planet. If you use our platform, we will plant trees in nature reserves where flora and fauna are threatened with extinction. In this way we help to compensate for CO2 emissions and thereby keep the earth green. We give plant and animal species their habitat back and at the same time we support the local population. The ultimate goal is to have planted at least 1 million trees by 2021.

Forest project Madagascar

Planting trees is currently happening on Madagascar. Why there? Currently we can make the biggest impact on CO2 reduction and greening of the landscape here. It's that simple. The island has a unique flora and fauna, but these are threatened by large-scale forest clearing. Animals such as lemurs, birds and insects are in danger of gradually losing their habitat. In Madagascar we have the opportunity to make the landscape greener again for flora and fauna that almost threaten to be lost. We do that by planting hundreds of thousands of new trees. Although Madagascar is miles away, we can make a much bigger impact here at this moment than in the Netherlands.

To see exactly what happens to the donated trees, the founders of traveled to the planting site in Madagascar in August 2018. Curious about this impressive trip? Then read the travel report (in Dutch only) or check out the photos on our blog. More information about our forest projects can be found in ourFAQ.

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