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Do you want to go on an adventure with your friends and make this summer unforgettable? Or do you want to get away from the crowds to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing summer vacation in a remote location with your family or even alone? Whatever the case, you are at the right place! On website, you will find plenty of options for your perfect summer house all over Europe! Simple or luxurious, it’s up to you!

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Summer house

Do you want to go on an adventure with your friends and make this summer unforgettable? Or do you want to get away from the crowds to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing summer vacation in a remote location with your family or even alone? Whatever the case is, you are in the right place! On website, you will find plenty of options for perfect summer houses all over Europe! Simple or luxurious, it’s up to you!

Discover the beauty of nature during summer

During the summer, wildlife is full of energy, birds are chirping and in the forests, you can hear animals roaring. Everywhere you look, you will see green landscapes and colourful flowers. While you are there, you will feel like time stops and you can simply enjoy life and take a deep breath of fresh air. A holiday in a summer house is what you need to recharge your batteries and relax for a while.

Plan a romantic getaway or a fun weekend with friends in a summer house. There is something for everyone! Discover the beauty of nature while hiking or biking in the woods, near the sea, or lakes. During your trip, you will see a wide variety of species of birds or animals. Some common examples that you might spot are the red deers, bears, foxes, woodpeckers, or nutcrackers. There are numerous national parks and nature reserves close to our rentals in Europe, where you can spend an entire day. Also, you can practice a multitude of outdoor activities or just admire the charming landscapes in a slow-paced way. Nature is breathtakingly beautiful! We hardly think about it in our daily lives but there is so much to discover during your holiday in Europe. From thousands of species of plants to the fascinating wildlife that differs from one region to another.

Perhaps you are used to choosing your accommodation in the center of the cities. Now it’s the right moment to experience something new! Book a summer house with a garden and you will immediately fall in love with this concept. Nature has so much to offer and you won’t have time to get bored at all! Being away from stress, hectic schedules, and electronic devices means more time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. This will have a great impact on your well-being! The mission of has always been to reconnect people with nature. Are you ready to reconnect with nature? On the website of, you can find the perfect house for you. That’s not all! There are plenty of other destinations that are waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance!

Outdoor activities during the summer

All of our summer homes are situated in nature, away from the crowds, and mass tourism. You can plan your time as you wish. There are plenty of wild adventures to think of. While staying in our accommodation, you can go hiking, mountain biking, or paragliding. Or would you prefer a seaside holiday? Rent accommodation by the beach and experience what it feels like to live by the sea. Sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, canoeing, it’s all possible. If surfing is your thing, visit Corsica. The position of the French island on the Mediterranean sea offers excellent winds for surfing and other water sports. Corsica is also a place with stunning natural landscapes of the jagged coastline, sandy beaches, towering mountains, and lush hills.

The rocky highland areas offer a variety of sporting activities. Test your stamina with a hike to the soaring peaks and you'll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the valleys, rivers, and lakes that lie below. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you pick the most suitable home for a dream vacation in the wild. Other challenging activities include mountain biking, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding. You can also do research on the specific region you're visiting, and if there are lakes or rivers nearby go for a kayaking or canoeing adventure with the whole family. We can also suggest rafting in one of the thrashing streams for the more experienced adventurers.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a small summer house that is near water. Just imagine waking up to the fresh breeze and one perfect view of the rising sun and the sea. Take romantic beach walks and take your daily dose of sun to recharge your batteries for months ahead. Another idea is to rent a house with a garden, where you can snooze in the shade of trees and have lunches and dinners outside. As for the water activities, swimming, snorkeling, and diving are among the most popular ones. Some of Europe's best summer destinations, like Croatia and Portugal, offer swimming with dolphins - a great adventure for big and small! And if you're going further north, then be sure to check whether you can go whale watching. Seeing these majestic animals in the wild is quite the experience. Are you ready for your dream vacation in nature? Start by checking our special selection of big log cabins and find your home away from home!

Impressive natural gems in Europe

Jungle Garden Karlostachys, France

If you opt for a holiday in France, this is an attraction that should not be missed. You will find the Jungle Garden Karlostachys in beautiful Normandy, in France. Be surprised by all kinds of special species of plants and animals that you might have never seen before. It actually looks a lot more like a jungle than a botanical garden, but whatever you call it, it is certainly unique! Many tourists like to take a detour to visit this special project. As a true nature lover, this is definitely highly recommended. Include this natural sight in your itinerary for your next holiday!

Glaskogen Nature Reserve, Sweden

Get lost in 28,000 hectares of nature in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. Take your comfortable shoes and explore the beautiful views along the 300 kilometers of hiking trails. Moreover, if you are on an adventure holiday in Sweden, then you should definitely take a canoe or try to ski on the water and enjoy some time in nature. Also, passionate bird-watchers can spot a wide variety of birds, such as the nutcracker, whitethroats, and goldcrests. In the middle of the forest, there is Lenungshammar, a tiny village that is the home for almost 30 inhabitants. You will definitely relax in a peaceful place like that. If you rent a summer house by the water that is located in Sweden, you will be even closer to these natural attractions.

Alta Murgia National Park, Italy

Are you planning to book a summer home in Italy? Then a visit to this beautiful natural park in Bari should not be missed! The park has existed since 2004 and has a size of about 677 square kilometers. The landscape consists of forests, rocky areas, and grasslands, which makes it ideal to visit during your days out with the kids in Italy. In addition to various types of trees, you will also find many different plant species here. There is a good chance that you will encounter wild animals, mainly weasels, foxes, hares, squirrels, bats, and porcupines.

Do not forget to take a good look around you and at the sky because with a little luck you will spot the most beautiful birds here. For example, think of the nightingale, the green and the spotted woodpecker, different types of owls, and various birds of prey such as the kestrel and the peregrine falcon. In the park itself, you will also find a special castle, named the Castel del Monte. This has an exceptional octagonal shape, which gives it a unique look. If you like medieval architecture, then this castle is definitely a must-see. The attraction has certain opening hours, so check online in advance when it is open.

Summer holiday destinations


Rent one of our lovely houses in Scotland and discover this mysterious place. Continue reading and you will find out some interesting facts about it. Scotland can easily be named a fairy tale place because it has approximately 3,000 castles. That’s impressive, right? Moreover, there you will be able to see 800 islands but just 100 of them are permanently inhabited. Maybe what you already know about Scotland is that it is famous for its kilt and whiskey. Besides that, golf also originates from there. If you are a true nature lover, you should know that in Scotland you will see the highest mountain in the United Kingdom, which is Ben Nevis and has 1,345 meters. Are there any Harry Potter fans reading this? Then you should definitely visit Scotland. Several scenes were shot there, especially in the region of Highlands. Also, the Hogwarts Express from the movies actually runs on the Jacobite Steam Train Line. Such a magical experience!


Germany, a Western European country that is famous for its history, remarkable architecture, cars, football, and beer, is also surrounded by natural landscapes. Unusual rock formations, fairy tale grottoes, forests that blanket the mountains, and calming waters are some of the natural wonders that you wouldn't necessarily expect in Germany. So what are you waiting for? Book a house rental in Germany now! Have you longed for visiting Germany with your friends during your breaks? Or you want to visit it with your family? You have come to the right place. provides you with several options to be booked, which have a variety of facilities inside and outside. Renting one of the affordable summer houses in Germany would bring you close to the flora and fauna that it has to offer. If you're a person living in the city, then booking a nature house would be ideal for you to spot rare natural surroundings and enjoy a relaxing experience!


Balmy temperatures, long beaches, a lot of sun, and a gorgeous sea are not hard to find in Spain. With famous dishes such as - tapas, paellas, and gazpacho, Spain is the perfect place to be during your vacation. Most of the Spanish regions differ per culture, language, and climate. In the North West, the rainy fishing villages dominate the coast. However, in the east-south of the country, there is a much more pleasant climate and you can do a lot of recreational activities.

Located in the extreme southwestern part of Europe, Spain is bordered by Portugal from the west and France from the northeast. It is bounded by water as well, the Mediterranean Sea to the east and southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest and southwest. This is why it is known as one of the warmest countries in Europe. Spain's largest city is Madrid, which has been known as the cultural center of the country for the past hundred years. The natural wonders of Spain can be found on the coast of Bermeo, eastern Pyrenees of Navarre, Levante, and many more. Are you looking for some summer homes in Spain? On the website of, you will find plenty of choices for the right accommodation for a memorable vacation. ¡Vamos!

The weather in Europe

If you want to enjoy the warm summer months, then this is the best time for you to rent a bungalow with a garden and have a lovely time while preparing a barbeque or admiring the sunset. You can also rent a mini bungalow in autumn when you are able to have beautiful walks in nature. Then the trees lose their brown leaves and the wind blows around the house. In Southern Europe, it is usually hot and on the opposite side of the continent, the temperatures during the summer months are not so high.

Rent a summer house with

At you have plenty of options to choose from to find the perfect summer house. We have many unique types of houses that could be suitable for people who are opting for comfort, casual accommodations like apartments for the ones who would prefer something close to nature and houses that are way ahead of the usual type of houses when you are renting an accommodation. Does this already sound interesting? Then keep reading and we will explain it more to you!

For those who are interested in renting a summer house for only themselves or with a partner, we have a wide selection of houses that will allow you to feel cozy and comfortable. Since summer time is the time when everybody is opting to spend as much time outside as possible, we think that a small and compact summer house will be a perfect option for your vacation. For this reason, we suggest that you check out our wide selection of bungalows, log cabins, tiny houses, and B&B rentals. In fact, we have a wide selection of these types of houses in France, Norway, and Spain. However, if you prefer having your summer house as close to nature as possible, then you must check out our safari tents, yurts, and camping spots. This experience will definitely create unforgettable memories. If you would like to go camping but you rather prefer comfort, we have a solution for you! We suggest you try out glamping, in this way, you will be able to experience the next level of camping with all the necessary amenities.

For people who are opting for a spacious summer house, we suggest checking out our villas, cottages, apartments, country houses, and maybe even group accommodations for some summer events or family gathering parties. To enhance your stay and have a luxurious experience, be sure to check out our holiday houses with a private swimming pool or sauna. In fact, some houses have a garden that you can use and enjoy some fresh vegetables from there. If you are looking for something unusual and unique for your summer break, then we also have something for you. How does the idea of staying in a tree house, boat, or even holiday car sound to you? Pretty amazing, right? This type of accommodation will be perfect for you if you are looking forward to traveling to the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, or other European countries.

When staying at one of's accommodations, it is important to remember that you will be away from the crowds and surrounded by nature. For this reason, not only you can choose what type of summer house you would like to choose for your trip but also the surrounding area. Whether it is a house in the woods, near to the water or sea, in the middle of nowhere, it is up to you! If you see what you like, book now and enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

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