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Mountain tent

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Mountain tent

Passed by the mountains but wanted to spend your holidays there? We got you covered. We have plenty of mountain tents that can make you feel at home! From The Netherlands to Portugal, we have unique mountain tents where you can stay with your family and friends. What are you waiting for? Book now!


Surround yourself with beautiful flora and fauna wherever you go in Europe. As soon as you step outside you stand under the giant oaks, you hear the rustling of the wind, the chirping of the great tits, robins and other birds that like to linger around the nature house. If you decide to book a luxurious tiny house, then be ready to experience the luxury outdoors too! Surround yourself with beautiful plants and various species of trees. Whether it be France, The Netherlands or Belgium, we’ve got you covered! If you decide to book a luxury tiny house in Belgium or The Netherlands then you will be able to see oak, elm, pine, and linden, few of the most common tree species here. From wild boars to deer and foxes, if you stay in the luxury tiny house, you might spot them right outside your place!

Europe is a continent with unique animal life and marine life. Most of the countries that are near the Mediterrinean region, offer wildlife that not everyone has seen. For instance, in Germany, you may spot a cute little European pine marten, or European badger. You may even find a pool frog jumping around the lakes! The forests in France are home to polecats, martens and deer. As you take a hike in the woods, you can say hi to some hedgehogs, shrews, foxes or even squirrels, rabbits, otters and beavers. Migratory birds like terms, buntings, and egrets can also be spotted in France. Some of the countries in Europe have witnessed a decline in wildlife over the past five decades however, some are still well preserved and in advantage. Here there’s less human activity and plenty of space for you to explore the wilderness and book a luxury tiny house within the area. Connect with nature to see some of the unique creatures that still exist in these regions. You will love to explore the nature in the mountains!

Your mountain tent

Your mountain tent is fully equipped to give you the best holiday experience. Although it is in the mountains, it has all the necessary facilities that won’t make you feel like you are out of home. Some houses will be suitable for two or some for six! Facilities like oven, dishwasher, internet, washing machine, tv, fireplace or even bbq will be available in the mountains you desire to choose. During warmer weather conditions, you can also enjoy in the pool if the tent offers one. To look for these facilities, you can simply look at the filters on the left side of the page, click on the ones you want and the results will be as follows. As a bonus to all of the tents, the beautiful surroundings and views will keep you busy for a while! The mountain tents are also sustainable from within. There will be green electricity, waste separation systems: residual waste, glass, paper/cardboard, plastics and use of biological cleaning products. Internet services will be available and some tents will also permit your pets inside!