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Last minute deals are there for you if you really need to unplug from the daily struggles and let yourself relax for a moment, especially when that moment is now. It’s the perfect getaway holiday that you can plan and book even on the last day before your departure. And with Cyprus you’ve made the best choice for a hideaway. Jaw-dropping scenery, sunshine throughout the year, and one of the best coastlines in all of Europe. The best part is that our homes are directly situated in the wild and away from the mass tourism so you will have privacy and independency during your stay.

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Last minute Cyprus

We will help you to find a cheap and unforgettable holiday in Cyprus with our last minute offers. Discover stunning beaches and crystal clear water. Despite its small size, this attractive island offers a diverse landscape of mountains to golden beaches. Charming mountain villages that are a refuge from the heat, promote tourism, cycling, wildlife watching, and in winter even skiing. In summary, this charming little country, which is Cyprus, and promotes the last minute holiday offers ancient history, stone villages, beautiful beaches, fragrant flowers, mountains, diverse nightlife and many UNESCO historical sites. Cyprus is a really beautiful place to spend a last minute vacation with family, friends or colleagues. Experience an unforgettable holiday in Cyprus with our last minute offers in Cyprus in summer. You will surely find the perfect last minute vacation for Cyprus!

Abundance of plant life

The diversity of Cyprus' flora is not immediately obvious to first-time visitors. After the explosion of flowers of endemic flora and wildflowers in the spring, summer sees the island acquire a dry appearance, with only a few hardy flowers and burdock.

The island is home to about 1,800 species and subspecies of plants, of which about 7% are native to Cyprus. Five main habitats characterize the flora profile of Cyprus: pine forests, gallery and poppies(located in the Mediterranean), rocky areas, coastal areas and wetlands. One of the main places for native plant species is Mount Troedos, where about 45 endemic species can be found. The Karpas Peninsula has 19 other endemic species that are found only in the north.

Over 40 species of orchids can be found on the island; many of them, such as the rare orchid with dots, can be seen in the lap of the Kyrenia row. The best time to visit wildflowers in Cyprus is in early spring(February to March) or late autumn(October to November), when most of the species blooms, taking advantage of the humid climate.

Island animals

Cyprus is the main wintering stop on north-south migration routes and is home to two endemic bird species. The Oenanthe cypriaca are not found anywhere else in the world and many bird enthusiasts come to the island only to mark them from their list of spots. Although only about 50 species of birds reside in Cyprus throughout the year, during the main migration period in the Mediterranean, more than 200 species use the island as one of their stops along the route.

While the most famous Cypriot wild animal is still mouflon, scattering of annoying wild donkeys can be seen on the Karpas Peninsula. They are thought to be the descendants of domesticated donkeys that escaped or were abandoned in 1974. In the various forest surroundings of the island you can also see smaller animals such as foxes, rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, squirrels and fruit bats.

The dry, hot summer landscape of the island is a natural home for lizards, geckos, chameleons and snakes, of which only the Montpellier snake and the blunt-nosed viper are poisonous. In particular, lizards and geckos, sunbathing on rocks, ruins and concrete walls appear everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled to notice the particularly plain, gray-green stripes of the Troödos lizard and the brown-yellow skin.

Cyprus' warm, clear waters are home to more than 260 different species of fish, and the bays and underwater reefs along its shores are full of marine life such as corals, mushrooms, mussels and sea anemones, making it a paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling. The schools of grouper, bat, tuna, barracuda, rays and parrot are usually seen by divers here, while the seas around the island are also home to sea eels, octopuses and green turtles.

Where to spend time in Cyprus - holidays and entertainment

Cyprus is ideal for water sports. Xs Watersports is an organization with a huge number of more or less extreme opportunities for adults and children. A canoe with a transparent bottom will allow you to observe the inhabitants of the water without disturbing them, and a group ride on a water banana will entertain all participants. Among other services, customers are invited to have fun on water skis, ride a motorboat on their own and take part in breathtaking parasailing. With the instructors of the ABC diving club in Paphos you can dive to a depth of ten meters, and for those who prefer walking, Undersea Walkers offer the opportunity to literally walk on the bottom in water helmets.

You must see the Atlantis Turtle Cruise in Paphos to watch fish and turtles through the underwater windows. Windsurfing in Larnaca, kitesurfing in Pila, paddling in Limassol - the possibilities for water activities in the Republic of Cyprus are almost endless. In Kouklia, Aphrodite Hills offers the opportunity to conquer the hills and forest of the surrounding area on horseback, and children will love the friendly ponies. A light horse ride to Pissouri will help you get away from the outside world and everyday problems, enjoying the surroundings and socializing with a kind animal.

Guests of Limassol can rent a bike from Ramo Pro Cycling and tour the entire coastal city. In Protaras, cycling enthusiasts are advised to book a tour of the area from Novelty Travel. Those who prefer to go for a walk should visit Kyrenia for tourism with competent guides from Sidetour, while in Limassol guides from FollowMe Tours lead tourists to the best places on the beautiful island, the least crowded, quiet and beautiful. In the mountain village of Platres there is a rope park "Sparti Platres", where children and adults can have fun climbing, descending and climbing, and the bravest will go to the zippers.

Cyprus' unique climate

It is difficult to find another place where it would almost always be sunny without a lot of heat, rain and high humidity. The island of Cyprus, along with the climate of New Zealand, is considered the healthiest and most temperate in the world. This is most likely the reason why the life expectancy of the population of Cyprus is higher than, for example, in England or the United States. There are practically no serious infectious diseases, as climatic and natural conditions contribute to the maintenance of good human immunity: sea air, saturated with iodine and clean air in the mountains, filled with the aroma of flowering herbs, and mostly sunny days(330 -340 sunny days of the year!) very few temperature fluctuations throughout the year. as a rule, not lower than +10-15°C even in winter, and easy tolerance in summer due to low humidity. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus pays attention to the ecology of the island - it has unusually clean sea and clean air.