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Home in the woods

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend some time off in a cozy house surrounded by nothing but the songs of the crickets, while you sip on a cup of hot chocolate? This is now possible with Nature.house’s variety of homes in the woods, perfect for anyone seeking some peace and quiet for their next holiday. A retreat in a home in the woods is a wonderful way to escape the busy reality of the 21st century and enjoy an uninterrupted vacation. Nature.house offers houses spread across all Europe, suitable for any taste and preference in terms of location.

It doesn’t matter if you decided to come alone, as a couple or as a group, a retreat in the forest is an unforgettable experience for anyone who is bored of the typical concept of vacation and seeks unusual ways to spend some time off, away from busy streets, large hotels, and crowded restaurants. Thanks to Nature.house’s variety of houses in the woods, you do not have to move away from the city forever in order to enjoy some quiet time in a leafy location. All you must do is decide to reserve your well-deserved holiday.


A vacation in a home in the woods is an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts as well as any individual who craves a relaxing experience rather than a demanding one. Moreover, the nature around you during your stay depends entirely on your choice of location. Western European countries such as France for instance, are a wonderful choice if you are trying to experience the tranquility of the deep pine forests scented with the delightful aroma of the trees, while you enjoy the curved mountain areas of the region. It is an exceptional choice for anyone that appreciates authenticity and privacy.

On the other hand, the woods of the Netherlands and Belgium are rather flat, therefore it is perfect for people who do not like to hike as much but prefer a soothing walk. Those areas are known for their variety of lakes as well as their diversity of small animals such as rabbits, foxes, badgers, and otters which you can encounter during your stay. Yet, the breath-taking landscapes that the Scandinavian forests have to offer is a once in a lifetime experience, suitable for individuals who appreciate breathtaking panoramas. The fauna of Norway, Sweden, and Finland is also extremely diverse and you can encounter representatives from the wildlife on the peninsula such as the arctic fox, northern moose as well as a wide variety of birds.


A range of activities can be executed during your vacation at a home in the woods. It is an entertaining experience for families, groups of friends, couples, or individuals. As a couple, you can have a romantic getaway, filled with walks and hikes, picnics by the river or lake, stargazing nights on the porch, or simply sweet talks in a cozy house surrounded by nothing but the sounds of the forest. A honeymoon in a house in the woods provides not only extreme comfort but also an extraordinary experience for pairs who want to celebrate their love on a budget and away from the demanding reality of city life.

Reserving a home in the woods is also a perfect choice for a daily vacation as the wide variety of activities in the woods can be not only entertaining but also an educational experience for the smallest members of your tribe. Children need to be around nature during the early years of their lives, as they have the chance to explore the local flora and fauna, climb trees, hike and have a bedtime story by the campfire. The cozy houses that Nature.house offers contribute to the ultimate quality time for you and your family and it is a unique way to introduce children to the wonders of nature. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy your stay in a home in the woods alone or as a group. Nature.house provides an enduring experience for any taste.


The weather during your stay depends on the location of your choice and the time of the year when you can have a retreat. Due to the wide variety of houses that Nature.house presents you have a full range of possibilities, perfect for any taste and preference. Eastern and southern European countries such as Croatia and Italy, generally have a warmer climate and it is perfect during the spring when you can witness the awakening of the forest, as well as the autumn months of the year when the woods change color and turn into a picture-perfect location.

Yet, if you want to spend your winter vacation surrounded by nature, then the Scandinavian countries offer unforgettable landscapes. Although the climate there is known to be freezing during the colder months of the year, it is perfect for spending the Christmas holidays as the big amount of snow contributes to an authentic experience. What is more, being snuggled up by the fireplace while you sip on some herbal tea is a must on Christmas day and being in a house in the woods is an astonishing way to recreate a home environment.

Furthermore, if you chose to spend your summer holiday in the woods, the forests of the Netherlands and Belgium are a perfect choice. Those areas are generally rainier during the rest of the year, however in the summer the rains stop to pour and a refreshing climate provides the ultimate rejuvenating summer getaway. Away from the heat, a summer retreat in this part of Europe is suitable for long periods of time as well as short stays, as the weather is very welcoming. If you need some time to rest, then a home in the woods is an astonishing choice for any preference in terms of location and weather.