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Holiday house Italy

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Holiday house Italy

Italy is a European country consisting of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and surrounded by several islands. When picturing Italy, the first thing in mind comes the fascinating views of the mountains with beautifully white snow edges and white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Sounds like the perfect holiday destination, doesn't it?

Natural beauty of Italy

In Italy, a big part of flora and fauna has disappeared after years of cultivation and hunting. However, the present flora and fauna attract many nature lovers with its sunny vineyards, natural parks, and olive groves. These landscapes reveal spectacular views. If you are interested in seeing Italy's original vegetation, then be sure to visit one of the remote border regions or the famous Sardinia. There you will find more than 600 different plant species that are considered unique for the country. Highlands of the peninsula, Sardinia, and Sicily are covered with evergreen and cork oaks, stone and Alep pines, olives, carob trees, and lentsks. Higher grounds are planted by oaks, beech and chestnut trees, spruces, fir and pines, white ash, oriental sycamore, and white poplar.

Italy is one of the few places where you will be able to spot golden eagles, Italian wolves, and lynx. Unfortunately, due to deforestation and developments in agriculture reduced the variety of animals in Italy. For this reason, most of the wildlife dwells in the mountain area. There are around 400 species of birds in Italy, including mountain partridge, vulture, swift, black and wood grouse, golden eagle. Italy is also one of the rest stops for the annual bird migration to Africa. Noticeable sea dwellers are common for red mullets, sea crucians, and white sword sharks. Tuna, mackerel, sardines, and flounders are objects of the fishing industry. Invertebrates like sponges and red corals complement a variety of life in the sea.


Did you know that Italy is the only country that has over 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites? There are many unique places all over the Italian cities. Also, pure Nature makes it worth visiting. The diversity of landscapes provides endless possibilities for outdoor activities and sports. Since almost half of the country is mountainous or bumpy, it is a perfect destination for passionate hikers. Grab snacks with you and have a fantastic picnic with a spectacular view! If you want to go skiing, then pick an Italian holiday house in the mountains. You also have the option to book accommodation near the sea or lake. Having a holiday house near the waters is an excellent place for swimming, fishing, or kayaking in summer.

Also, renting a cottage with a private pool is an option. Spend the most relaxing Easter holiday, celebrate with the whole family, and enjoy the sunny outdoors and the spring scent! For the winter months, it is adventurous to book a cottage deep in the woods. In this environment, it allows you to observe the forest animals from inside your cozy holiday house and share a heart-warming experience with your family and friends. Is wine something that you love and enjoy from time to time? Then Tuscany will be your top place to visit. You can go hiking or an adventurous trip on the rugged terrains of Cinque Terre, and drifting through the canal of the gondola in Venice is also a wonderful experience for tourists.