Holiday homes in Spain

Holiday homes in Spain

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Gathering your family and friends

During the holidays, we gather our family and friends to have a good time and a festive celebration. However, nowadays, we are surrounded by stress and responsibilities, which revolve around the urban lifestyle. This puts us in a tight spot where we are unable to leave the city during our holidays. This seriously affects our mental health and it’s a problem people should consider solving. has the perfect solution for you! We have a variety of holiday homes in Spain, where nature will help you relax and forget about your modern problems. Moreover, there isn’t a better time than the holidays to gather your family and/or friends in one place to celebrate.

The rich Spanish environment

Surprising, diverse, and full of breathtaking landscapes - it’s almost like the Spanish nature will cast a relaxing spell on you. Natural scenery that makes you breathe in deeply and forget about your urban worries, leaving you to enjoy the moment, surrounded by your friends and family. Spain is home to 15 national parks, spread throughout the entire country, meaning that wherever you stay, you will most likely have a beautiful national park nearby.

Due to the many climates Spain has, the country has an ecosystem with more than 8000 species of plants - more than any other country in Europe. Additionally, Spain is home to a number of spectacular mountains, river canyons, volcanoes, caves, and even fossil sites! In the humid areas of the north, there are oak trees, chestnut, elm, beech, and poplar trees, as well as varieties of pine. Speaking of pine - the majority of trees in the dry southern region are pine, juniper, ilex, and cork oak.

When it comes to wildlife, there’s a variety of species as well. Spain is home to the brown bear, the Iberian lynx, the wolf, the Iberian imperial eagle, the flamingo, chameleon, and the bearded vulture. On top of that, there are hundreds and hundreds of forest-dwelling, water, and high-mountain bird species. Not to mention the marine wildlife - the Spanish seasides are home to pilot whales and dolphins. Virgin olive oil is an agricultural tradition in Spain and therefore you can even discover some unique olive trees and gasp at their size and beauty.

Between the celebration

Having your closest ones around one table always results in a fantastic time. However, apart from celebrating the holidays and relaxing around the fireplace, there are many more activities to take-up during your trip! First and foremost, hiking. Spain has marvelous national parks and each one has a number of routes to explore. Also, mountain biking is an option if you prefer the two-wheeled method. If you happen to book a place near the coastline, you could always dive deep into the waters and explore the underwater life of Spain. An interesting spectacle you can observe in Spain’s wildlife is the stag rutting. This is the stag's mating period, and you will often hear the unusual sounds of their barking and see the males in heat. Additionally, you could take-up birdwatching, large mammal watching, and dolphin/whale watching.