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Holiday homes France

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Holiday homes France

Are you wondering where your next holiday should be? Why don't you pick France for example? Take some time out and discover France away from the hustle and bustle of cities. With a charming holiday house in the heart of nature you can relax, enjoy splendid views, and get a taste of the authentic French countryside.

Step outside the famous touristic places of France and see natural beauty beyond compare. But if you want to get the best out of your holiday, take some time to choose the most suitable accommodation and place to stay. So, what’s it gonna be? A big mountain chalet looking at the snow peaks, or a small wooden cabin hidden in the woods? Perhaps you’re looking for something intimate like a romantic tent, yurt, or a treehouse. And if you’re travelling with your family, we suggest you take a look at our grand beach villas.

Beautiful landscapes that will melt your heart

France is a big country, offering a lot to its visitors. Thanks to its large size, the climate, wildlife and plant species in France differ per region. You will find the Alps and the Pyrenees in Southern France. The Alpine regions offer mind-blowing landscapes of restless mountains dotted with crystal-clear lakes. Walking around you can stumble upon impressive waterfalls falling from great heights - a view that can take your breath away. There are plenty of forests and vast green meadows for your leisure stroll around nature. It is no surprise that the French Alps lure visitors from all around the world. The Pyrenees, on other hand, are less explored and touristic. The area is wild and filled with untamed scenery. You can explore the Grottes de Bethare, which are caves following an underground path of 2.8 km. Or perhaps visit the second highest waterfall in Europe - La Grande Cascade de Gavarnie. The waterfall is located in the Cique de Gavarnie valley, said to be the most iconic attraction of the Pyrenees National Park.

Another popular destination among tourists in France is the Mediterranean region around Côte d'Azur. Surrounded by sea and mountains, it’s a place that will amaze any visitor. Explore the many islands and sandy beaches, or take long walks around the gorges and the Marcantour lakes, situated in the Marcantour National Park. In the nature area there’s a great chance you will have wildlife encounters. The chamois and the marmot are the animals you will most definitely meet or hear during your stay. With a little more luck you can even spot the ermine, mouflon and even ibex. As for the flora of the region, you’ll be surrounded by greenery almost everywhere you go! You can take a trip to one of the many wine-growing places, where wine has been produced for centuries. Or you can find rest in the middle of an orchard with almond and olive groves. Take your lunch outside, enjoy the quietness, and snooze in the shade of trees unbothered by others. We also offer holiday homes in France, which are big farming houses with their own garden!

Here are some ideas on what to do during your stay in nature

The diverse landscapes of France offer a profusion of outdoor activities you can do alone or in a group. The mountain regions are of course most popular for winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, or just any snow activities you can do with the whole family. Are you a real thrill seeker? Then paragliding is something you would not want to miss! And for the more experienced adventurers you can practice mountain biking. There is a wide range of terrains for mountain biking in France, and the country is seen as the ultimate destination for this sport. Going downhill will certainly get your adrenaline pumping and wake your senses.

If you decided you want to book a holiday home in France for a more relaxing holiday by the sea, don’t worry. The world-famous French Riviera will not leave you bored! Go diving and discover life underwater, or book a boat and explore one of the many unspoiled islands. Water rafting is another great activity to enjoy with your whole family and friends. What about the evenings? Coastal France is puzzled with charming little towns and ports, where you can meet the locals, taste the French cuisine, and enjoy remarkable sunsets on the beach.

What is the best time to visit France?

There is no right answer here. Think about the activities you’d like to do. Are you going for a skiing holiday in the snow? Then the winter season is the best time for this. The temperatures in the different regions of France vary substantially. The average winter temperature is usually below zero, but high in the mountains it can get up to -10° C. If you’re not afraid of the cold, the white mountains and forests will present you with a picturesque scenery you won’t forget. In general, France has cool winter and mild summers. However, going south to the Mediterranean regions, you’ll be able to enjoy milder winter and very hot summer days. The temperature can rise up to 35° C, but rarely more than this.

As for the spring and autumn, there is no doubt that you can get wet outside. Rains are occurring often, but there's also sunshine that compensates. In any case, the unique landscapes of spring and autumn will charm you wherever you’re staying. Spring, summer, autumn, or winter, France is a must-see destination for nature lovers. We offer you the perfect simple or luxury accommodation - from cozy cottages in the countryside to huge villas in the mountain hills. So, scroll up, pick your perfect holiday home in France and dive into its amazing nature!