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Glamping Sardinia

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Glamping Sardinia

Have you always wanted to get away from the big city and go to a remote place, surrounded by nothing but nature? It is no secret that every once in a while the hustle of the big city piles on top of us and we need to release the steam. has an amazing suggestion for you - come and book one of our Glamping Sardinia experiences. Imagine having all of the amenities of a modern home and at the same time staying as close as possible to your surrounding environment. Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, within the borders of Italy - a place perfect for a relaxing and refreshing vacation.

Not your typical holiday

If you haven’t been glamping before, glamping in Sardinia is an incredible place to have your first experience and its beautiful scenery will leave you so hypnotized that you won’t see the benefits of going on a regular all-inclusive holiday. In Sardinia, people are still bound to the earth and their ancient roots, and this trip will leave you feeling like one of them. Whether it is the proximity to nature or the luxurious amenities or something else, it is guaranteed that you will get the full glamping experience that will leave you obsessed with the entire concept. The climate on the island is very pleasant - mildly rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. That makes Sardinia a perfect summertime destination and a decent place to go during the winter.

On this Italian Island, nature is varied and the spectacular panoramas are frequent, which go way beyond the boundaries of a regular holiday. Its two thousand kilometers of coastline, the breathtaking views, and scenery, the golden sand dunes of Piscinas in the South, and the red rocks of Arbatax to the East are all contributing factors to the paradise that is Sardinia. The Sardinian landscape mainly consists of highlands even at the lower altitudes and the countryside is untouched by modern world technology. Some of the animals you may encounter during your glamping Sardinia stay are Corsican red deer, Giara horse, wild ponies, Mouflon, Sardinian pika, Cape Hare, and Greater flamingo. Furthermore, Sardinia is home to many unique and exotic plants, some of which are so rare and elegant that the only other place you may only encounter them is in big private gardens. These plants include the Carpobrotus, Opuntia ficus-indica, Plumeria, Pyracantha coccinea, Eichhornia crassipes, many types of cactuses, etc.

Activities on the marvelous island

The things you could do during your glamping Sardinia trip are as varied and unique as the location itself. Of course, you could go hiking, discover and explore the extraordinary Italian island, however things go way beyond that. First and foremost, horseback riding is extremely popular, due to the unique native horse breeds. Also, you could go dolphin sighting with snorkeling. You could go on a jeep trip or a walking tour through Cannoneris Nature Reserve and get as close as possible to the untouched wildlife. Last but not least, you could always go and explore the kilometers-long coastline or dive deep into the forests to discover the lakes and huge waterfalls.