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Getaway tiny houses

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A relaxing getaway in a tiny house

Have you always wanted to join the tiny house movement but you were unsure if you wanted to sell all your belongings and move away from the city forever? Well, you don’t have to commit to this lifestyle forever, now thanks to you have the chance to have a getaway in a tiny house surrounded by nature. Or perhaps you’re in desperate need of a holiday but you are too bored of the mainstream concept of vacation where you retreat to a crowded location. You have come to the right place! offers stays in tiny houses in natural locations spread across Europe. Enjoy some peace and quiet and allow yourself to have the getaway you deserve in a tiny house.

The fantastic nature surrounding your tiny house

The nature surrounding your tiny house depends entirely on your area of choice. Europe may be the smallest continent but it’s definitely not the least beautiful one in terms of natural sights. From some of the highest mountains in the world to kilometers upon kilometers of coastlines, forests, and lowlands, having a getaway in a tiny house in Europe is a fantastic choice for vacation for anyone seeking unconventional ways to spend some time off. Thousands of vegetation and animal species inhabit the territory of Europe depending on the area. From moose, foxes, beavers, badgers, and rabbits to bears, wolves, and wild cats, Europe has a great diversity of wildlife.

Northern Europe and more specifically the Scandinavian peninsula is known for its astonishing beauty and large pieces of and untouched by humans where wildlife thrives in peace unbothered by people. Spectacular views and breathtaking panoramas unfold before your eyes as you explore the great white north from your tiny house. If you go south, though, the scenery is completely different. The Iberian peninsula and the Mediterranian sea bring mild winters and hot summers perfect for summer retreats. The weather and your natural surroundings depend entirely on where you chose to do your getaway in a tiny house.

What can you do during your getaway?

Perhaps you are an extreme sports enthusiast and would like to stay active during your getaway? Then worry not, as Europe is great for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding as well as summer sports like mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, and skydiving alike. Nevertheless, if you prefer a more soothing getaway in a tiny house then simply discovering the local natural sights by walking around the endless flower fields or having a picnic by the nearest river or lake are all fanatic ways to spend some time off. Especially if you decided to retreat as a family, being closer to nature is of extreme importance for children. You can take the youngest members of your clan on scavenger hunts as they discover the wondrous world of their surroundings. It all sounds like a dream but now there’s an accessible and convenient way to make it come true with