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Eco cottages Yorkshire

Yorkshire is an excellent choice for your back-to-nature escape. The county has a vast countryside with endless moors and hills, wonderful valleys and picturesque cliffs. In one of our eco cottages in Yorkshire you can admire this stunning nature on your doorstep. Rest in your charming home, enjoy the quietness and explore the rugged wilderness of England.

Yorkshire is the largest county of England located in the north of the country. People in England often refer to it as “God’s own country”. And there’s no surprise. Yorkshire carries a proud national heritage with its historical and cultural treasures. Apart from the cities, you can find a quiet and peaceful countryside filled with alluring villages. What about nature? Yorkshire is blessed with a sweeping scenery and many natural beauties. It’s also the area with the highest mountains in England. The most famous nature attraction of Yorkshire is Malham’s Limestone Pavement. This exceptional limestone formation presents some of the best views in Yorkshire, and is also featured in one of the Harry Potter movies. Let’s see what else Yorkshire offers for nature lovers staying in an eco-cottage.

The amazing nature of Yorkshire

Thanks to its large size the county of Yorkshire offers a variety of landscapes. Stretching from the hilly moorlands of the Pennines all the way to the rugged coastline of the North Sea, you can imagine. There are a total of three National Parks which you can explore.

In the north-east area of Yorkshire, you can visit the North York Moors National Park. The sensational landscapes of the moorlands and heather can melt the heart of any visitor. This romantic scenery is the opposite of what awaits you along the coast. There you can find the Cleveland Heritage Coast and its dramatic cliffs, where you can sit for hours watching the waters crash into the rocky shores. A peaceful and yet lively place where your soul can find harmony in the sounds and views of nature.

Western Yorkshire has two equally beautiful National Parks. The Dales National Park is probably the most famous of all three parks. There are numerous attractions you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can explore the outdoors by bike, by foot, on a boat, or even a horse! A great adventure for young and old. Walking around this rich wildlife area there’s a great chance you will stumble upon one of the many magnificent water views. The quiet lakes, sweeping waterfalls, and rushing rivers are quite common for this place.

The National Park is also a vast woodland. Just try not to get lost in the ancient forests. We know it’s quite tempting – the natural environment of the Yorkshire Dales is just like a fairy-tale. Are you a fan of caves? Because the Dales are the best caving area of whole Britain with more than 12 caves, each with its own beauty. In the Dales you will also find Yorkshire’s Three Peaks. Those are the three highest mountains in the area and together they create one of the most recognizable nature attractions of Yorkshire.

The third National Park is the Peak District. It is also the first designated National Park in Britain. The beauty of the park is outstanding. The limestone hills of the White Peak present one of the main landscapes. There are also vast moors, woodlands, and gently rolling hills where you can walk around and admire for days. Or just go outside of your Yorkshire cottage and find the unspoiled nature unfold before your eyes.

Spend your time outdoors!

Even far away from the bustling city environment there is something to do. The outstanding scenery of Yorkshire attracts nature lovers from everywhere. You can take one of the many trails and walk around to discover breath-taking views. The hiking trail of the Ingleton Waterfalls in the Dales follows a path through a forestry valley to uncover a series of staggering waterfalls. Walking through this fascinating itinerary feels like you discover the well-kept secrets of the forest told by the thrashing waters.

Another great hiking trail is the Cleveland Way. Take this path to discover the best of the North Moors National Park. Beware that this path can be quite challenging at some parts. This is mostly true for the coastal areas, but there you will pass through some old fishing villages and dramatic views of the rocky cliffs. It’s definitely worth your efforts.

Yorkshire also offers numerous cycling routes that pass through amazing natural sceneries. With one of our eco cottages you are in the middle of nature, so you don’t need a designated path to walk around and explore. And for the kids, you can take them to meet the animal life. There are many wildlife parks where you can observe and get a close up with the animals. Your children will be grateful, trust me. If you are going for a more active holiday, then we suggest you try canoeing or kayaking. There are many rivers and water reservoirs for this sport. Yorkshire is also a great place for white water rafting. If you love adrenaline and fun, this is something to try.

What about the weather?

For experiences in water you’re probably looking for warm weather. The warmest days in Yorkshire are during the summer months of June, July and August. The temperatures peak in late July and the beginning of August, when it can get up to 23°C. That’s probably not the warmest destination you’ve visited, but there’s a good side as well. The temperature barely drops below 10°C, and the high humidity in Yorkshire makes us experience the weather is warmer than it actually is.

What you should expect from the weather in Yorkshire is rain. Rains can occur at any moment, but this shouldn’t keep you from going outside. The bright green colours and fresh smell of rain might just be what you’re looking for. Still, if you really want to avoid getting wet outside, then book your eco cottage in Yorkshire in April, May, or September. Last advice about when to visit Yorkshire: the famous heather, which is the hallmark of the county, blooms in late August and early September. Then, the infinite moorlands are covered by a lovely purple carpet, creating the best Yorkshire views you can imagine