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Are you looking for a cottage in the middle of nature but not sure about the destination? Have a look at the many choices that offers across Europe! On our website you will be able to find thousands of holiday homes, among which cabins, cottages, tents, tiny houses and more. You will find several places yet to be discovered, where you can enjoy your holiday away from the crowds.

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Cottages in Europe

Hey, nature lovers! If you are looking for a cottage house for your next holiday in nature, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to book a romantic getaway for you and your partner or an active trip in nature with your friends and family, here you can find just the right accommodation for your dream holiday.

A small house, a hut, or a country house is called a cottage. It is a holiday home where you can spend your summer or winter vacation. Cozy cottages come in different sizes and are very suitable for single travellers as well as families. The size of a hut varies depending on the house, so the number of people who can relax in a cottage can vary significantly. This makes a country cottage to be suitable accommodation for any travel group. Plus, the huts may be made of both stone and/or wood. Have an unforgettable vacation with!