Cottages Northern Sweden

Rent a holiday home in Northern Sweden? offers a wonderful range of holiday homes in Northern Sweden. The cottages located in the north of Sweden are all located in the beautiful nature of Sweden. The north of Sweden has a lot to offer for nature lovers. The landscape there is often untouched and you can enjoy pure nature.

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Cottages Northern Sweden

Discover mother nature, breathtaking landscapes, and know what famous destinations such as Northern Sweden have to offer. Enjoy your fantasy gateway by renting a beautiful and unique house in the cottages located in the north of Sweden. The chosen place with a serene environment that will guarantee a relaxing, adventurous, and life-changing holiday. Our Cottages in Sweden have a lot to offer for nature lovers and are equipped with all the necessary facilities, and away from the fuss of cities, you can spend the best of your leisure time here. The landscapes here are often untouched, and you can enjoy pure nature.


Sweden is a North European Country located on the bank of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It borders Norway to the west; touches Finland to the northeastern part, Baltic Sea, and the Gulf of Bothnia to the southern and eastern regions, respectively. With a large area of about 450,295 square kilometers, Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe, the fifth largest in European Union, and the 55th largest globally.

Sweden has a 3,218 kilometers long coastline on its east and the Scandinavian mountain range on its western border, separating it from Norway. The north of Sweden is also a fantastic place which attracts thousands of tourists each year to beautiful places like Kebnekaise, Storforsen waterfall, Arctic Circle, Laisvallsby, gällö, Koskats in Swedish Lapland, Ytterhogdal, Stöde, Bergsjö, Järpen, Gastrikland, Sundsvall and Kiruna.