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Cottages Lisbon

Lisbon, which is known for its warm and sunny climate, is home to a variety of historic sites, world-class museums, and a plethora of other wonderful things to do that can easily be fit into a single or multi-day trip. You can roam through the old quarter's small alleys near our cottages in Lisbon, along the riverbank beach, or through lush parks and gardens. In fact, if you experience Lisbon the way the locals do, moderately and languidly, you will quickly fall in love with its warm personality and alluring charm.

The capital of Portugal combines an unadorned culture with a magnificent, ancient cityscape. It is one of Europe's oldest cities, and one of the most interesting to visit. Lisbon is blessed to have some of Europe's warmest winters without the burden of severe summer heat. Even on the clearest days, the tropical coastal climate is prone to abrupt bursts of rain, so be prepared. Going in the late spring or early autumn usually means cheaper accommodation prices and less crowded attractions. Our Cottages in Lisbon would be the ideal alternative for you to stay in throughout your vacation.


Portugal, with its Mediterranean climate, mountains, woodlands, rivers, marshes, heaths, and beaches, provides a diverse range of ecosystems and is home to a wide range of plant and animal species. The country is a true naturalist's paradise due to its remarkable variety of vegetation and wildlife. Although there are numerous species of wildlife that thrive in Portugal, there are also endangered species that, while still alive, have very low populations.

One of these is the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), which is the world's most endangered cat and Europe's most threatened animal. There are many amphibian species in Portugal, and the Gold-striped salamander (Chioglossa lusitanica) is one of the rare ones. Rockroses, heathers, gorse, lavender, and many other species can be found on the heaths and scrublands. Pollinating insects and butterflies are attracted to wildflowers, and Portugal is home to a wide variety of insect species.

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Grab a board, wax it up, and put on some board shorts or better a wetsuit for your trip to the Tagus, because the waters where the Tagus Estuary meets the Atlantic Ocean can be rather cold. This lovely beach and sea, just west of Lisbon Centre, is where most of the capital's wave riders will flee during the weekend. Also, to get to the beautiful beaches of the Tróia Peninsula, you will have to hop, skip, and jump across the Tagus River Estuary and the Sado River Estuary. On the headlands adjacent, the picturesque Parque Natural da Arrábida may be seen, and regular trips depart from Tróia.

When it comes to beaches, the famed and popular summer resort of Costa da Caparica is just a few minutes’ walk away from our cottages in Lisbon across the Tagus River's Ponte de Abril. This is located on the northern outskirts of the Sétubal district and provides access to some of the nicest sandy beaches in the vicinity of the capital. Empty areas of acacia-backed dunes and swinging seagrasses, all swept over by some tough surf, can also be found here. So, do not miss out on this opportunity and switch to the destinations tab to see the best option for a cottage in Lisbon by Nature.House.

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