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Cottages in León

León is located in the northwest of Spain. In this province there are several mountain areas to be found, including part of the famous Picos de Europa. From your holiday home you have all kinds of opportunities to explore nature and to take shorter or longer walks. In addition, there are several cities in the province of León. In the west lies the city of Ponferrada. More to the east is the capital of the region, which has the same name as the province: León. In León you can visit several monumental buildings, including cathedrals and a mausoleum. In the cozy restaurants you can eat various dishes from the region.

Nature in León

In the far northeast of the province you can visit the Picos de Europa National Park from your cottage. This beautiful mountain area alternates between rocky and wooded areas and is home to many species of plants and animals. In the west of León lies the mountain area of Sierra de Ancares. From your holiday home you can take beautiful walks in this vast mountain area. Streams and rivers flow in the valleys, and here you will find vegetation that is typical of damp soils. Higher up the slopes are covered with forests, and near the tree line the vegetation is dominated by herbs and heather bushes. This rapid transition of different types of landscape is a guarantee for a varied walk and interesting encounters with plants and animals.

For example, during a walk from your cottage, you may encounter various species of birds of prey. Groups of griffon vultures or a single vulture, snake-eagle or dwarf eagle sometimes float in the air. The gray-backed shrike, gray bunting and dipper can also be found in León. In the woods live the fire salamander and the marble salamander. Lizards, such as the wall lizard and the pearl lizard, can be found on sunny spots at the edges of the forest. During a stay in a holiday house in León you can also encounter many species of insects. Seeing colourful butterflies is the rule in this province as an exception.

Holiday homes in León

From a holiday home in León you can easily visit the most beautiful nature reserves. The holiday homes are situated in rural locations, or are close to the most beautiful nature reserves in the region. From a holiday home in León you can visit beautiful mountain areas, such as the Picos de Europa and Sierra de Ancares, as well as interesting cities. This way you won't be bored during your stay in León.

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