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Cottages in Granada

In the province of Granada, located in the south of Spain, you can visit various mountain areas from your holiday homes, including the famous Sierra de Nevada. Although the Sierra de Nevada is known for its winter sports, there is also plenty to do in terms of nature. In the south, the province borders on the Mediterranean Sea. From your cottage you can also visit the capital of the region, the town of the same name, Granada. In and around this city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants you will find many beautiful and old buildings, including palaces, churches and monasteries.

Nature in Granada

The most famous nature reserve is the Sierra de Nevada Mountains. This mountain range is one of the highest mountains in Europe and there are many peaks that rise above 3000 meters. The slopes are covered with interesting forests. Higher up the landscape is ferocious and more rocky, but also with flowery alpine meadows. From your cottage you can make all kinds of special walks in this beautiful mountain range. In Granada there are several other mountain areas. For example, in the north of the province you will find the Sierra de Castril mountain range. If you visit this mountain range during your stay in your holiday home, you will take walks on wooden paths through deep gorges.

In the province of Granada you can encounter many species of birds. When you go out into nature from your holiday home, you may encounter snake eagles, goshawk eagles and griffon vultures. There are also many species of songbirds in Granada. Keeping the crested lark, earthwork and calander lark apart is a specialist job, but bee-eater, hops and redheaded lark are easy to recognize for everyone. Granada is also rich in plants, reptiles and insects. In reptiles you may encounter the wall gecko, Spanish wall lizard or Algerian hourglass. There are also several species of snakes in this region, but the chance of encountering them is not very great.

Holiday homes in Granada

The holiday homes on nature house are all situated in the most beautiful locations in nature. From your holiday home you can quickly get into nature and enjoy a walk in one of the mountain ranges that can be found in Granada. Besides the Sierra de Granada, there are several other mountains in the region. From your cottage you can also visit some interesting cities, including the capital of the province, Granada.

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