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Cottages in the Netherlands

Discover nature, breathtaking landscapes, and get to know what a popular destination such as the Netherlands has to offer! Enjoy your nature getaway by renting a beautiful and unique holiday house in the hidden Dutch wonders, on! These villas with a slow-paced environment will guarantee a relaxing yet adventurous holiday. Our vacation houses in the Netherlands are away from the crowds and mass tourism. It is the perfect escape from the fuss of the big cities!


The Netherlands is a European country situated in the western part of the continent. It has 12 provinces and is a neighboring country of Germany (east) and Belgium (south). The country has maritime borders also with the United Kingdom. The four largest cities in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. Amsterdam is the capital city, however, The Hague is home to the States-General, Cabinet and Supreme Court. Moreover, the Port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe and the third busiest port in the world after the ones in China and Singapore.

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