Cottages Ameland

Ameland is one of the five large Dutch Wadden Islands. Your stay in a holiday home on this Wadden Island starts with a fresh boat trip from Holwerd to the town of Nes on Ameland. Nes is one of the four villages on the island; from west to east they are Hollum, Ballum, Nes and Buren. The island has less than 4,000 inhabitants. The landscape layout on Ameland is comparable to the other Wadden Islands. In the south you will mainly encounter polders from your cottage, while the north half of Ameland consists of dunes. The south coast is protected from the Wadden Sea by the sea dyke; in the north, the dunes are already a natural protection. Tidal flats can only be found on the south side. The North Sea lies to the north of the Wadden Islands.

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