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The Belgian province of Luxembourg, located in the far southeast of the country, forms part of the Belgian Ardennes. The province is loved by lovers of nature for its peacefulness, lovely villages and cozy towns. The many rivers that roll through the hills provide the perfect conditions for a fanatic kayak ride. Would you rather take things a little more easy? Then put on your hiking boots and explore the Ardennes forest.

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Cottages in Luxembourg

The Belgian province of Luxembourg, located in the far southeast of the country, forms a large part of the Belgian Ardennes. The province is loved by lovers of nature, tranquillity, charming villages, and cozy cities. The many rivers winding through the hills are perfect for a fanatical kayak trip. Would you rather take it easy? Then put on your walking shoes and explore the Ardennes forests from your own cottage.

Flora and fauna

More than 51 percent of the province of Luxembourg consists of forests, which makes it the most wooded province of Belgium! These forests, with a clear balance between deciduous trees such as ash, oak, maple, birch, elm, hornbeam, and conifers such as pine, spruce, and Douglas fir, are interspersed with hilly meadows and little agricultural land. So you won't be bothered by roaring tractors, so you can enjoy the nature and tranquillity that surround your holiday home to the fullest. If you just want to see how the locals live, then there are quite a few beautiful places and villages to be found. Because of the rugged landscape, beautiful villages are hidden in hidden valleys or on ridges.

Luxembourg has a large number of rivers, including the Lesse, Semois, Sure, Lhomme, and Ourthe, and rivers such as the Vierre, Ton, Vire, and Rulles. On the Vierre near Suxy and the Ourthe near Nisramont dams have been built. The province is almost entirely part of the Ardennes region. Only the most southern part of Luxembourg called the Gaume, or Belgian-Lorraine does not belong to the Ardennes. This area is part of Lorraine. This region is lower than the Ardennes. The peaks do not reach more than four hundred meters and the climate is milder. In the summer months, the highest temperatures in Belgium are often measured here.

The many forests offer a habitat for many different animal species. Numerous woody and herbaceous plants grow there, which form a biotope for the different animal species. In the winter, for example, mammals take refuge in the spruce forests. The wild boar deer live together with foxes, unicorns, hares, wild cats, or marten. In the trees live the robin, sparrow, sparrow, sparrow, common chaffinch, and tit. But also birds such as the eagle owl, the owl, and in recent years the black stork can be seen in the treetops.


The highest point in the province of Luxembourg is the Baraque de Fraiture, a 651-meter high mountain, where around the highest peaks there are several dozen days a year opportunities for winter sports. Enjoy Belgian history with the whole family during a visit to one of the ruins and castles. For example, visit the Chateau de Bouillon, located in the village of Bouillon in the south, not far from the French border. In the summer there are several falconry shows that are worth a visit! Not far from Bouillon is an animal park with over ninety different species, including white lions, tigers, and monkeys. Or visit the Chateau de Mirwart and the accompanying village. Around this castle, you can make several walks. Walk for example to the watermill of Mirwart through beautiful wide lanes, narrow forest paths, and bridges.

For hikers, mountain bikers, and riders, the province is also an ideal holiday destination, partly because of the many landscaped routes and trails. In the Ardennes forest, for example, more than 1000 permanent walking routes have been laid out, which cross the entire forest. It's so easy! The town of Houffalize is very popular with mountain bikers. Just outside this village, several tours can be ridden, all different in length and weight. Would you like to get to know the region in a different way? Then look especially on the water. The rivers Semois and Ourthe can largely be discovered from the water. Go rafting, kayaking or canoeing. Luxembourg's lakes, valleys, swimming areas, and water features are all surrounded by a green setting. In many places, you can also rent boats, pedalos, or a water ball.

Recommended for all ages is the labyrinth of Barvaux, a maze created in a large cornfield. Or do something educational and visit the Euro Space Center, this discovery center is unique in Europe and here you can learn everything about space travel and space. During your visit, you can be part of a 5D cinema where you experience what space is like. Outside there is a custom-made solar system and you can follow the spacewalk. Or visit the caves of Han with the whole family. These stalactite caves have been around for centuries and were created by the river Lesse that flows through the rock. Next to the caves, there is a prehistoric museum, a zoo, and a playground. The neighbouring village, Han-sur-Lesse, is also worth a visit.

With so many different species, the province is also very nice to go out with your camera or binoculars! Make sure you are at the edge of the forest early in the morning or at dusk, the animals will come to the grassy edge of the forest to look for a meal.

Spending the night in Belgian Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, our nature houses are situated away from the masses and in the middle of the woods or just outside. Because nature is never far away, you can enjoy this special province in peace and quiet and still have all the necessary facilities and recreation not too far away at hand. This ensures that you are completely free to make your own plan during your holiday in Luxembourg. On our website you will find dozens of nature houses in Belgian Luxembourg, all varying in the price range and luxury level. So we hope that there is a suitable house for everyone! If you need help finding your next holiday home or holiday destination, we will be happy to help you. For questions, bookings, and tips we can be reached by phone, via social media, or by e-mail.