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Cottages Lithuania

Lithuania is a European country which is to be found within the Baltic Region. There are a lot of interesting things about Lithuania, all of which make the trip worthwhile. For example, did you know that the locals just adore basketball (and beer)? We believe that those two can go hand in hand as well. Some of the buildings you can expect to see around here are mesmerizing – and somehow strangely calming. Additionally, the nature in the country is just something to behold – there are so many amazing destinations for you to explore.

We think we might know a way for you to make your vacation even more special – renting a cottage! Such an accommodation is inherently romantic, and it will just make your trip unforgettable. If you value your proximity to nature, one thing is sure – a cottage is the perfect decision for you. All of the properties are conveniently located in truly spectacular natural settings which means that nature will never be too far away.

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One of our main recommendations would be the so-called Curonian Spit – a destination which will surely surprise you in a very positive way. This is an almost 100-kilometer long peninsula which serves as a border between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, and it is nothing short of spectacular. Sand is everywhere around here, as far as the eye can see. This place is amazing and very suitable for some casual walks combined with breath-taking panoramas. Speaking of panoramas, if you are looking for the best view, you should by all means visit the area of the Dead Dunes. Lithuania is so special!

As your next stop, why don’t you pay a visit to the Aukštaitija National Park? It is the national park with the longest history on the territory of the country, as it dates from the year 1974. It just has everything which you can want from a national park – beautiful lakes, and incredible untouched nature in general. An interesting fact is that some of the animals and the plants around here are endangered, so it is easy to see the significance of the park from a natural standpoint. A particularly favourite place of ours is Lake Tauragnas. It boasts the biggest depth in the country, and it is a great location for you to visit while in the region.


Cycling is always an amazing way to spend some quality time while on your cottage holiday. It is great for the body, great for the mind and it allows for some more natural exploration. Besides, the memories which you are going to make are sure to stay with you for years to come.

The country can offer some incredible opportunities for paragliding for the most adventurous of you. It is an astonishing way for you to experience Lithuania, and as a bonus you will get the adrenaline rush associated with such hobbies. Being in the air is refreshing, rewarding and great fun. What an astonishing way to put an end to your long-awaited holiday!

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