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Cottages Abruzzo

Abruzzo is situated in central Italy, its land stretches from the Apennines to the coast on the Adriatic Sea. Lush green mountains and hills cover the whole land, creating astonishing landscapes that can take your breath away. Book a cottage in this naturalistic region and discover beauty beyond comparison. Find peace and quietness away from the crowds and busy cities, and enjoy a soul-stirring holiday surrounded by greenery.

Book one of our cottages, chalets, tents, bungalows, villas and much more, and get the best out of your holiday in Abruzzo. Located in remote areas that harbour a profusion of untamed landscapes, it's the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries and relax in the heart of nature. As for Abruzzo, it’s a region renowned for its natural beauty so you cannot go wrong by picking the place for your wild experience. The unique flora and fauna are protected in three national parks that cover the territory of Abruzzo, the most famous of which is the Abruzzo National Park. The park is a magnificent example of respect, love and appreciation for nature. Rent a holiday home situated in or close to the park and immerse yourself in the beautiful environment. The environmental commitment of Abruzzo doesn’t just end here. In fact, there are more than 30 natural reserves and protected areas that show Abruzzo’s genuine passion for nature and its preservation. This is why the region is recognized as the Green Region of Europe and the most rural region in Italy. The wild mountainous terrain is dotted with picturesque villages and ancient towns, where it seems like the time has stopped. The hilly regions and undulating landscapes unfold views of deep valleys, vast vineyards, and many olive grooves. In Abruzzo, you’ll also find amazing coastal areas where you can spend a lovely summer holiday on the beach. Visit the northern seaside of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the sun laying on the sandy beaches, or travel south to rest on pebbled beaches and enjoy the rocky coastal landscapes. The pristine nature of Abruzzo competes for attention with every other region on the Italian peninsula.

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