Cottages Côtes-d'Armor

This department is located in the north of France, in the region of Brittany and has many beautiful places where you can enjoy nature in one of the holiday homes via Côtes-d'Armor has an area of 6878 km2 and almost 600,000 inhabitants. In one of the holiday homes in Côtes-d'Armor you are guaranteed to experience a special holiday. Côtes-d'Armor is characterised by an evenly hilly landscape with countless hedges and hollow roads. When you rent a holiday home in Côtes-d'Armor, you can enjoy the wild coasts, the bays, the rivers, the vast heathlands and the forests. Are you looking for a holiday home in Côtes-d'Armor? Here you can enjoy the many art-historical beauties that can be found here, such as the churches, the parish/erven, the castles and the old villages. 

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