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Belgium is divided into Dutch speaking Flanders in the north, and the French speaking Wallonia in the south. You can enjoy the fresh air from the beach in the Flanders, whereas in Wallonia you can relish the many hills and vast woodlands. Just imagine living in a forest cabin in the Ardennes or the Eifel. Here you could walk around for hours without ever encountering a single soul! This is what our cottages in Belgium and their surroundings have to offer. A peaceful and quiet environment for your healthy retreat in nature.

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Cottages in Belgium

Belgium is divided into Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north and French-speaking Wallonia in the south. You can enjoy the fresh air from the beach in Flanders, whereas in Wallonia you can relish the many hills and vast woodlands. Just imagine living in a forest cabin in the Ardennes or the Eifel. Here you could walk around for hours without ever encountering a single soul! This is what our cottages in Belgium and their surroundings have to offer. A peaceful and quiet environment for your healthy retreat in nature.

Luckily for you, offers a vast range of holiday homes for you to choose. Whether you want a small, cozy chalet or a big, furnished villa, in the woods or by the water, we have you covered! All the accommodations are equipped with everything you might need to enjoy a natural yet comfortable stay.

The plants and animals of Belgium

Very similar to the nature of The Netherlands, Belgium will astonish you with the amount of greenery that it has to offer! Right outside your holiday house, you may spot wild arum, hyacinth, beautiful lilies, strawberries, and other plants common to this region. More than 20% of the landscape is covered with forests, mostly found in Wallonia. Since the population density is lower, nature is very extensive in the region of the Ardennes. Belgium has plenty of nature reserves like High Fens where nature is preserved and untouched. You will find many rare plant species in this area due to the harsh climate and long winters. While on a hike you can observe beech and oak trees that are predominant in this country. So what are you waiting for? Book a cottage near the forest or near a nature reserve to expose yourself to a wide variety of plant species. Imagine coming across mammals like boar, fox, badger, squirrel, weasel, or a hedgehog during your hike in the countryside or directly from your holiday house! Booking a boathouse and exploring marine life is also possible! Belgium is home to many aquatic animals such as pike, carp, trout, eel, barbel, perch, shad, sole, mussels, shrimp, or crayfish. A perfect spot for fishing, isn’t it?

What to do when staying in a cottage in Belgium?

Our cottages range from cheap tiny houses to luxury villas with a swimming pool and/or sauna. You’ll also find pet-friendly holiday houses in Belgium, and we know that nature is the perfect place to take your dog. Located away from the crowds, you don’t have to worry about your dog and he/she will have all the freedom to run and have fun unbothered by other tourists. Thanks to its diverse nature, Belgium is suitable for a wide range of activities. What about a challenging hike, a mountain bike tour, abseiling, or a visit to one of Belgium’s picturesque towns and villages? With its hilly landscape and vast unspoiled nature, the region of the Ardennes is perfect for all of those.

Cycling in the Ardennes

Test your stamina with a long hike through the towing mountains and dense forests. Prepare for some breathtaking views of the valleys, rivers, and charming villages. The autumn landscapes are the perfect backdrop that sets the natural scene with pastel colors. Or perhaps you’d like to slow down a bit and relax. Wake your senses with a leisure stroll in the woods and go mushroom hunting. Cycling in Belgium is another popular activity for travellers, especially in the Ardennes. The region has an extensive cycling network and bikes can be rented in many places. So, why not discover the region by bike? Mountain biking is also possible in one of the 20 MTB routes. Are you a lover of winter sports and activities? If so, you’re probably happy to learn that the Ardennes is the only place in Belgium with ski slopes, the highest being 650m. Check our cottages in Liège, Luxembourg, and Namur. The French region of Champagne-Ardenne is also sometimes considered as part of the Ardennes.

The Ardennes are perfect for Christmas and New Year holidays because markets are open in the villages and the atmosphere becomes very cozy and festive. It is also a good opportunity to meet the locals and their culture. Rent a forest cabin or a mountain chalet and stay secluded from the outside world, but still in close proximity to the lively villages. Visit one of the famous breweries that are a trademark of the region, or enjoy a meal in a nice restaurant. If you decide to stay in the Ardennes in the spring for the Easter holidays, then make sure to visit the Hallerbos forest. In mid-April, the hyacinths are blooming and the whole ground becomes purple. The region also has many rivers where you can go fishing. And if it’s the summer season, don’t miss out on the best water adventure in the Ardennes - kayaking in one of the thrashing streams or fast-flowing rivers!

Enjoy the coastline of the Flanders

You can continue your cycling tour of Belgium in the Flanders region with the famous “Tour of Flanders”. Of course, that is if you’re up for a real challenge. The classic tour follows narrow, cobbled roads and demanding climbs, but it’s a proud moment once you go through the finish line. Flanders features itself mostly for the stretched agricultural areas. And while the Ardennes is probably a top destination for many travelers, the Flanders region can offer just as much for the nature lovers, if not more! It’s impressive that almost 700 hectares of the land is classified as Belgium nature reserves. This protected area makes up for “over a thousand football fields”. In the nature reserve High Venn you are able to find one of the most pristine stretches of land in the country. Thanks to the strong climate, rainfall, and long winters, the region is home to a selection of rare plant species. Besides that, there’s still wildlife that walks around here. You might even spot a lynx, wild boar, or red deer.

As for the West Flanders, it offers a beautiful area of the one and only Belgium coastline. In this region you can have a relaxing beach holiday and truly escape from city life. The land is mostly flat with only a few hilly places in the southern parts. Book a weekend away from home in a beach cottage for a soulful holiday away from the crowds. Meditate in a peaceful environment, take romantic walks on the beach, observe the sun melting in the sea and the sparkling night sky. Don’t rush and try to enjoy the moment. Other possible activities that add to your relaxing experience are boat sailing, fishing, yoga, flower picking, or just reading a book in the garden of your vacation home.

Skiing in Belgium

Did you know that Belgium has a lesser-known treasure? Yes, that’s right, it's great for skiing. Although the country is not widely known for skiing, there are some excellent places where skiers can have some fun in the snow.

Have you heard of Mont des Brumes? This is the perfect skiing resort located between Francorchamps and La Geize. If you love skiing then this is the place for you! With endless hours of pure skiing adventure, you can view the beautiful scenery from the top during the winter months. You can take your kids along with you because this area is for both beginners and advanced skiers. With an easy slope of 150 meters long, beginners can perfect or learn their skills here. Reaching 530 meters at its top skiing altitude, advanced skiers will find no lack of excitement at this beautiful resort. Ovifat is another top destination for skiers, near the highest peak in Belgium. You can take your family or master your skiing skills but also get inspired by the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery that will make you want to return! Lastly, Hautes Fagnes is the place to go if you’re looking for a cross country skiing route! You can take the most scenic routes and choose among a variety of trails. Challenge yourself every day and make this trip a memorable one. With stunning, majestic mountains you will never forget this holiday! This country is a hidden gem. A ski holiday will let you connect with nature and make you feel stress-free after your busy work schedule. Book a nature house nearby and enjoy the holiday even during the winter months.

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